July 28, 2016
Issue 3.                     


Prevention as the New Frontier:  
What Can Hypnosis Do to Prevent Depression? 
Michael Yapko, PhD

Depression is a major public health threat: it does not spare any demographic, robs its sufferers years of life quality, drains resources from families and society, and it can be lethal.
"No mass disorder afflicting humankind has ever been brought under control by attempts at treating the individual" -George W.Albee (Past President APA).
Michael Yapko has dedicated years of his professional life, written books and given lectures all over the world, educating about the prevalence and threats of the depression epidemic that modern society is facing.
In this plenary, Dr. Yapko describes an approach that can help prevent the development of depression in vulnerable individuals by placing emphasis on what works when a person faces a difficult event in life. He addresses tools and resources that help when normal life resilience strategies are just not enough.
While designed to be educational and thought provoking, we find that this lecture is also a call for action for the clinicians to screen, educate, and help prevent the spread of the depression epidemic.
The Plenary is available in the e-learning center.

JUNE 2016

"The Intermediate Workshop was just what I needed. It brought everything back to clinical applications and I was able to take it to clients the first week back in the office!!!" - Stuart J.   
"The wisdom and experience of those running the Basic Workshop made me look on the web to see when the next Intermediate was being taught." - Janice M.

"All of the speakers were exceptional. Clinical hypnosis fits transpersonal and humanistic psychology exceptionally well, making the advanced Workshop both relevant and fascinating." - Sam K.
September 15-18, 2016
Schaumburg, Illinois
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced 
  • Topic for advanced workshop: "Hypnosis, Biofeedback and Physiological monitoring"
  • Advanced workshop faculty:
    Donald Moss, Eric Willmarth
Combination of hypnosis and biofeedback gives practitioner an opportunity to craft interventions that will take therapeutic experiences to a higher level.

The capacity of human body to self-regulate and adapt can and should be used to decrease mental and physical suffering. 

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"You can observe a lot by just watching" - Yogi Berra
A Poem...

Inspired by:  
Michael Yapko - 2013 Plenary  
"The Expansive Spirit of Hypnosis"

Here's a plenary if you're an ASCH member,
An exciting lecture and one to remember;
Just as an elephant never forgets...
Did you know Michael Yapko keeps them as pets?
(You might read that statement and let out a chortle,
But you'll see what I mean when you access the e-learning portal
Yes, this talk explores Doing Hypnosis vs. Being Hypnotic,
But it spans many topics wise, pragmatic, exotic
And explains the broader SPIRIT of the field,
Giving advice and perspective for practitioners to wield
He asks and delves into:
-Why is hypnosis not mainstream?
-Why are DIRECT and INDIRECT a paradoxical team?
-How hypnosis can enhance life pleasure...
Transcending our craving to find its measure
You'll learn:
-About the Artistry of what to say and when,
That clinical skill is the egg, and experience -the hen.
-Being Hypnotic is an Attitude, with voice and gestures powerful tools,
While scripts and rituals are just secondary rules.
-Depression-suggestion, recommendations-for-patients, and mindfulness too,
Watch this lecture and you'll learn a thing or twenty-two.
But I say too much. To know this Plenary... Go !
Watch it and become a Hypnosis Superhero!
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