March 2, 2017
Issue #9
The Annual Meeting is next month!

We are looking forward to hearing the distinguished plenary speakers - Jeffrey Zeig, Amanda J. Barnier, Betty Alice Erikson, and Norma Barretta.

Basic and intermediate workshops will be teaching principles and techniques of hypnosis to our colleagues that are making their first and second steps in learning hypnosis and developing their own voice.

"Power of Words" will return this year taught by a spectacular team - Deb Nesbitt, Linda Thomson, Judy Thomas and, Ed Mackey.

Advanced workshops again present us with the challenge of how to be in several places at the same time!

We are also looking forward to the display of the creative talent of our members led by our president-elect - Eric Spiegel!

Dear readers, please let us know if there is anybody from the distinguished faculty and luminaries of the society you would like us to catch up with. Send us questions and we will try to get answers.

The Annual Meeting will also be a great opportunity to meet members of various task Forces and Committees. They work tirelessly to support and advance ASCH.   Please, stop by the "ASCH FORCES" table. Learn, bring new ideas and volunteer!

Heads Up!

For more than a year, a dedicated and all around awesome committee has been working on creating materials and to launch Clinical Hypnosis Day.

The "Hypnosis Day" group will be sharing information about their work at the official "uncovering" during the Annual Conference and in the next Herald.

There is a lot of effort and talent that is being put into making the project a success. The group is preparing educational materials and social media information that will help us celebrate and promote clinical hypnosis in our communities and professional organizations. We expect the component sections will be in the front lines of the effort - bringing knowledge to the public and engaging colleagues.

***Herald Project***  

ASCH members are working tirelessly to educate the public and professionals in all fields about hypnosis.

In all states, professionals in medical, dental and mental health fields can practice hypnosis as part of their professional activity.

Still, many misconceptions persist. This is in no small part due to the fact that hypnosis can be practiced in many states without any license or formal professional education.

In the next few issues, we will present to you various states' requirements to practice hypnosis.
Please, correct us if you discover that the status has changed recently.
Arizona - "non-therapeutic hypnotism" allowed
Kansas-  no restrictions
New Hampshire- "non-therapeutic hypnotism"
Tennessee- 'non-therapeutic hypnotism"
Arkansas- "non-therapeutic hypnotism"
Kentucky- no regulation
New Jersey- no license required for "non-therapeutic hypnotism"
Texas- "non-therapeutic hypnotism"


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