May 16 st, 2016
Issue 1.                     

The ASCH Communication Task Force presents the first installment of the ASCH Herald - brief news and notes about what is happening in our society and what is in the works. We would also like to hear from you - please, share your accomplishments, news, and comments: 
The 2016 ASCH Annual Scientific Meetings and Workshops in St. Louis was a great success. Arreed Barabasz, Michael Yapko, Eric Vermetten, Mark Jensen and Camillo Loriedo were plenary presenters. We would like to thank them for their contribution to the field and continuous effort to teach and share their considerable expertise.

The workshops covered many topics, theoretical and practical. The only complaint that HERALD had was that we had so many great workshops, and while we know something about multiple personalities, we do not know much about being at several places at the same time. We are looking forward to getting the audio recording of the sessions that we missed.
As always, we believe that the best part of the Annual Meeting is the sense of the great camaraderie that our members share. It was wonderful to meet new people, exchange ideas and experiences and develop friendships that will last.


The Distance Learning Task Force
(DLTF) is working hard to bring the Annual Session plenaries online. If you missed a plenary subject that is of great importance to you - it will be available in the e-learning section soon. We will keep you posted.
We also learned that the library of CLINICAL SHORTS will be expanded to include demonstrations by Dabney Ewin, Dan Handel, Sheryl Daniel and Carolyn Daitch . HERALD has observed some of the recordings and is happy to express its admiration for the work of these superb clinicians. 
Here is a snippet of Dabney Ewin's demonstration video of ideomotor signaling from the ASCH library:

The "Innovations in Chronic Pain Management" Webinar with Mark Jensen on April 20th was met with great enthusiasm, and will be featured in the next issue of HERALD.
June 23-26 , 2016
Alexandria, Virginia
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
  • Topic for advanced workshop: "Advanced Methods in the Theory and Clinical Practice of Mindfulness, Psychosynthesis, Management of pain and Suffering and Integrative Psychotherapy Strategies"
  • Advanced workshop faculty: Phillip Appel, Akira Otani
Herald applauds this ambitious project and will be looking for feedback from the participants.


A new Executive Committee has started its work. Our new president, Assen Alladin, and the members of the Committee are looking forward to working hard to advance and strengthen our society.

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