November 22, 2016
Issue #6

The annual meeting in March 2017 is fast approaching! It seems the last meeting was only a few days ago. We would like to refresh some of the memories by offering you the interview that was recorded at the meeting with president and president-elect at that time - Dr. Moshe Torem and Dr. Assen Alladin.

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ASCH presidents serve for a year, but are actively involved in all aspects of our society for much longer than that. It is the spirit of camaraderie and selfless service that our presidents share that glues together the work of the Executive Committee.   Dr. Eric Willmarth will continue this commitment as president in March 2017.
59th Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops

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Distance Learning Task Force has informed the Herald that they are busy preparing another live webinar on February 8 th, 2017.

It will be presented by Toby Goldfus, LCSW and dedicated to the very important topic of social media/gadgets influence on younger generation, and, to be honest, on the rest of us too.
Please be on the lookout for an email regarding registration in the not too distant future.
Presence on Web Task Force has created a wonderful postcard about benefits of learning hypnosis that you can share with colleagues and faculty - it has links to Mark Jensen plenary and video of Holly Forester-Miller surgery without anesthesia.

Please click here to download the Postcard.
Results of the ASCH EC elections are in!
The new EC team will start work right after the Annual Meeting in March.

Make sure to approach members of the team at the workshops and meetings and share your thoughts and ideas of how to strengthen and grow our society.
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Education Calendar

December 1-4, 2016  
Orlando, Florida 
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced 
Advanced workshop topic is 'Healing when a Cure is not Possible: Hypnotic Approaches to Address Acute, Procedural and Chronic Pain and Palliative Intervention in Advanced Illness". It will be taught by Dan Handel , M.D and Sylvain Neron, PhD.
Pain of advanced illness is a complex and overwhelming experience. It is accompanied by fear of more pain and suffering, and loss of independence and dignity. Traditional treatments relay heavily on pharmacological interventions for treatment of pain and rarely address other ways to decrease physical pain and alleviate fear and suffering. Neurophysiology and self-regulation of painful experiences will be presented to participants as well as practical skills to learn and develop when working with patients who have advanced and terminal illnesses.

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Falling asleep here
Do eyes open hypnosis
I am now alert
                         - Dave W.
Focus on that spot
That's right, just like that and... gone
The healing begins

Clinical Results May Vary...
Alex G.


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