October 20, 2016
Issue #5

The webinar will introduce Stop Solution for calming emotional flooding. Easy to learn and easy to teach tools will help our patients and clients deal with difficult emotions. The approach combines hypnosis, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques. Dr. Daitch will demonstrate some of the tools with a volunteer.

The timing of the webinar is not incidental. Holiday season is fast approaching with promises of joyful time spent with friends and family, festivities, and a chance to rest and recharge. While for most people this time of year is cherished, it is also true that some of our most vulnerable patients and clients see it as a time when anxiety and depression take over their lives. Past or recent losses, loneliness, difficulties in resolving internal and external conflicts, unrealistic expectations, and problems in communicating with family or people outside one's close circle are sometimes just too much to handle. 

Dr. Daitch is well known for her clinical work, has published books on affect regulation, and has taught hundreds of professionals all over the world. 

We are looking forward to the webinar!

$35 for members 
$45 for non-members

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Surgery Without Anesthesia
YouTube Video 

The following is a link
you can use to spread the word to colleagues, students, clients, and friends about clinical hypnosis and the power of self-hypnosis. It is a two minute video on the ASCH Clinical Hypnosis Youtube channel edited by George Glaser of Dr. Holly Forester-Miller having surgery with no anesthesia and no measurable blood loss. We are presenting it to each of you as a tool that you may use in any and every way you choose.

Please share this video; post it to your social media accounts, show it when you give lectures and teach workshops.  Help us spread the word on the web and everywhere about clinical hypnosis and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)

American Boards of Clinical Hypnosis

Professionals in every field strive to become more competent and seek guidance and recognition from senior and distinguished members of their profession.

In this interview, you will learn about the purpose, process, and payoff for applying to be a Diplomate of the American Boards of Clinical Hypnosis.
Click on the picture above to watch the interview with David Wark, PhD. 
Education Calendar

October 27-30, 2016 
Austin, Texas 
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced 

"Hypnosis in Medical and behavioral Settings: Appreciating Disparities and Common Grounds" advanced workshop will be taught by Joel Marcus, PsyD and David Reid, PsyD.

Just like the body and mind do not exist in separate worlds, practitioners in medical and mental health fields should be aware of each other and exist in harmony to help a person heal.

Great topic and just at the right time!
December 1-4, 2016  
Orlando, Florida 
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced 
Advanced: "Healing when Cure is Not Possible: Hypnotic Approaches to Address Acute, Procedural, and Chronic Pain, and Palliative Intervention in Advanced Illness"
Dan Handel, MD, Sylvain Neron, PhD
It is well known to anyone who has used hypnosis in treatment of any type of pain that fear of more pain is one of the factors that contributes to more suffering. While we cannot cure a lot of illnesses or conditions of advanced age, we can always help our patients be more comfortable.
Dan Handel and Sylvian Neron will help us expand our skills when working with patients in severe distress, address our own fears and limitations, and help our patients maintain dignity and humanity when facing suffering and pain.
59th Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops

Annual Scientific Meeting plenaries and workshops will be dedicated to the celebration and promotion of all the aspects of clinical hypnosis - we will hear from distinguished researches and practitioners, share experiences, discuss cases, enrich our knowledge and add new tools to our daily practice.

We will also celebrate our members - therapists, doctors, dentists, social workers and their dedication to the art and science of hypnosis.

(Please, submit interesting quotes, original photography, recipes, cartoons for our readers' enjoyment.)

How Did you Do It? - Hypnotic Haiku 
A voice said "deeeeper..."
A 5-year old coughs... Awake!
I no longer smoke.  


Hypnosis Haiku challenge!
Can you write a poem? Submit your hypnosis-related haiku to Herald@asch.net
The winning poem will be displayed in the next issue (anonymous submissions are welcome).
Have fun and be creative!
1. Must follow haiku format: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables
2. Must be related to hypnosis.
Issue #5 photo
Hint: A well known island with rich and diverse history.  
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