September 13, 2016
Issue #4

The ASCH Executive Committee met in July and is eager to share news about ongoing projects with our readers. As always, the President and members of the committee will be happy to hear from you! Please send us your comments and suggestions to and we will make sure that your messages make a difference.
One of the initiatives discussed when the new EC started this year was establishing a robust Mentoring Program that will help new learners of the clinical hypnosis craft establish closer ties with each other, as well as with more experienced members of our community. The initiative is led by Judy Thomas, DDS and has already had a positive impact on the attendants of the recent workshop.
Holly Forester-Miller has the helm as leader of the group that is working to increase ASCH's internet and social media presence. We are excited about the changes that are coming to our website and more up-to-date opportunities to learn about the developments in the field of hypnosis and our community.
Holly's remarkable video of a surgical procedure done without any kind of anesthesia is available now and we expect wide interest from professionals and the public.  Please click here to view the video.  
Please, help us spread the knowledge about professional clinical hypnosis - share our news and videos with colleagues and friends!
Revision of ASCH Mission Statement
The Who is ASCH Task Force met to envision ASCH today and in the future.  The first task undertaken was to examine our existing mission statement as it appears in our bylaws and on the front page of the ASCH website. The Who is ASCH Task Force presented the revision of the mission statement to the ASCH Executive Committee during the July summer retreat and the Executive Committee approved a revised ASCH mission statement and has sent the changes to the Board of Governors for approval and inclusion as a proposed amendment to the ASCH Bylaws on the 2017 election ballot. 

Revised Mission Statement
-To promote knowledge and understanding of clinical hypnosis and related modalities in health care;
-To offer clinical hypnosis training for health and mental health care professionals;
-To encourage research and scientific publication in the field of clinical hypnosis;                
-To provide a professional community for clinicians and researchers who incorporate hypnosis in their work.

The Who is ASCH Task Force invites constructive commentary on the revised mission statement. Please send any comments to Michael White ( Please respond promptly if you have comments.

Philip D. Shenefelt, MD, ABMH
Chair, Who is ASCH Task Force

The DLTF is pleased to announce a new addition to the library of "ASCH Clinical Shorts" - Dr. Dan Handel offers a masterful demonstration of how to help a patient prepare for a medical procedure. 

Most people at some point in their lifetime will need to undergo a dental/medical procedure. The emotions before the procedure range from mild anxiety to an overwhelming fear. Some people have allergies to topical anesthetics and some would like to avoid, if possible, general anesthesia. It is not uncommon that a procedure is cancelled, delayed, or recovery slower than expected if the patient is not ready for it.
Dr. Handel demonstrates how to walk the patient through the procedure and help a person realize that a lot of procedural experiences are also experiences of normal daily life. A procedure can be a chance to actively participate in someone's own healing process and an opportunity to revisit a cherished memory. The full demonstration is available in the e-learning center.
September 15-18, 2016
Schaumburg, Illinois
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced 
  • Topic for advanced workshop: "Hypnosis, Biofeedback and Physiological monitoring"
  • Advanced workshop faculty:
    Donald Moss, Eric Willmarth
Combination of hypnosis and biofeedback gives practitioner an opportunity to craft interventions that will take therapeutic experiences to a higher level.

The capacity of human body to self-regulate and adapt can and should be used to decrease mental and physical suffering. 

October 27-30, 2016 
Austin, Texas 
Basic, Intermediate & Advanced 

"Hypnosis in Medical and behavioral Settings: Appreciating Disparities and Common Grounds" advanced workshop will be taught by Joel Marcus, PsyD and David Reid, PsyD.

Just like the body and mind do not exist in separate worlds, practitioners in medical and mental health fields should be aware of each other and exist in harmony to help a person heal.

Great topic and just at the right time!
59th Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops
March 18-21, 2017

Our 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting will be held March 18-21 in Phoenix, Arizona. Among the plenary speakers will be Jeff Zeig, Betty Alice Erickson and Amanda Barnier from Australia. Since it will be held in Erickson Country, there will be a large Ericksonian presence. There may even be a hike to Squaw Peak, the mountain Erickson often gave his patients a directive to climb.  The meetings will be "compressed" this year, running for a shorter time. We are looking for ideas and volunteers to make this event, our 59th anniversary meeting, very special.
Our friends at the Milton Erickson Society have invited all ASCH members to attend the Brief Therapy Conference December 8-11, 2016 in San Diego, CA.  For more information about the conference please visit:

(Please, submit interesting quotes, original photography, recipes, cartoons for our readers' enjoyment.)

Hypnotic Haiku
Eyes closed, deep in trance
Clarity in hypnosis
Pills? Smaller doses.

- Alex G.


"When one loves one's art, no service seems too hard"

- O.Henry
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