Dear ASCLD Colleagues,
Calling all alumni of the ASCLD Leadership Academy, UC Davis Forensic Science Leadership & Management Program! The ASCLD Leadership Academy Team has developed the ASCLD Level 1 Certified Forensic Manager BRIDGE Course. The BRIDGE Course serves to close the gap between content delivered in previous management trainings and learning outcomes expected on the Certified Forensic Manager Level 1 (CFM-1) exam. After completing the course, you will be eligible to take the CFM-I exam.

Lightning Talks are striking again! The sixth episode will be held on Thursday May 6th and will focus on cognitive bias in forensic science.  

More information on registration for the BRIDGE Course and the upcoming Lightning Talks can be found in this week’s CLM!
Have a terrific week!
Be well,


Erin P. Forry
ASCLD President