Welcome to Reno for those of you who could join us. The weather is crisp but beautiful. The accommodations are amazing. And I know I am going to put on a couple pounds with the multiple restaurants and great food. Best of all, I get to hang out and with friends and peers from around the world. This is going to be a great week.

NIJ released its Forensic Science R&D Reports for ASCLD Crime Lab Minute Vol 15. This document includes summation of each report and has links to the actual publications, and can be read here. There are some very interesting topics covered including, Quantitative Measures for Footwear Impression Comparisons, A Metrology Foundation for 3D Ballistic Imaging, U.S. National Footwear Database System Feasibility Study, Evaluation of the Routine Use of CT Scanning to Supplant or Supplement Autopsy in a High-Volume Medical Examiner’s Office, Postmortem Interval Determination from Bone: A Metabolomics and Lipidomics Approach, and
Development of Matrix Matched Quality Control Materials and Sample Preparation Techniques for the Analysis of Marijuana Infused Products and their Application to Edible Testing. I know I need information on a few of those topics. This is a very timely release of research and development tangibles for our forensic community.

We like to highlight Lab Manager and Lab Director job postings from the ASCLD.org website. There is a Laboratory Manager posting from the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office in Pittsburgh, PA. Application deadline is July 13, 2022. Check it out if you are interested in moving from supervision to management.

This is my last CLM message to everyone but I am still around to serve as your Past President on the Board of Directors for the next year. Thank you for your support and listening to my morning musings with my coffee from the couch. I think I am actually going to miss writing these up on Saturday mornings as if you were sitting on the couch with me. If you are in Reno, stop me and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people and being able to put faces to some of the names that come through phone and email. This is a fantastic organization of professionals who truly strive to create a better and safer world through the use of forensic science. I would like to also thank the Board of Directors for their amazing work. Their efforts make ASCLD shine. I highly recommend to everyone that you get on a committee and get involved, and better yet, run for the Board next year. For my generation of past Board Members, the second time around was better than the first. Do it again! To Board members Bruce Houlihan, Jennifer McNair, Scott O’Neill, and Tony Tessarolo, and to Past President, Erin Forry, all of ASCLD thanks you for your service. I appreciate for your hard work and hope that you continue to engage with the organization and in a few years, run again!

I hope everyone has a great week!