Greetings ASCLD Colleagues and Friends,
I cannot believe how quickly July flew by! Just last weekend, my son’s baseball season ended. There were mixed emotions- I was relieved because I looked forward to getting our weekends back, but also sad because I love watching him play. Taking a moment to celebrate after the season on a team’s hard work and success is a great opportunity.

In our field, we have that opportunity to celebrate, too. In fact, we are not that far away from 2022’s National Forensic Science Week (September 18-24). This year marks the 10th annual celebration of forensic science and forensic scientists across the country. What are you doing to support and honor the work of folks in forensic science that you lead? 

Speaking of leadership, ASCLD’s Leadership Academy is gearing up for the 2022 Fall Academy. More information will be coming soon, but right now it appears the session will start at the end of August and end with a capstone in early December. I wanted to get this on your radar because registration information will be coming up soon!

I have some exciting news to share- the newly established 2021 NIJ National Center on Forensics is working with Forensic Science Review to offer complimentary subscriptions to members of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD). The mission of the Center is to: 
∙  Develop and implement scientific and technical learning opportunities that focus on underserved rural areas for the medico-legal community; 
∙  Provide forensic science and legal training to law enforcement, district judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and other appropriate criminal justice agencies; 
∙  Develop, consolidate, and provide access to resources, such as education, training, and best practices in the forensic science community 
Please fill out the attached flyer and follow the submission directions to receive your complimentary copy.

Please also check out the July OSAC in Brief. There is a lot of information in this attachment, including the two draft technical guidance documents from the Facial Identification Subcommittee that are open for comment and that 2022 OSAC Registration Implementation Survey. Both have August deadlines, so get your input in today!
I want to end this week’s message with a note about our Communication Committee. As many of you know, our Comms Committee is chaired by Director Sheri Lemons and Director Lisa Burdett, two delightful and thoughtful leaders who have been working hard with the committee and will be proposing some new ideas and an important change. As you all know, the CLM is compiled, edited, and published by volunteers who give up their free time every weekend to bring content to our membership. This is quite a sacrifice, therefore, the ASCLD BOD will be voting soon on moving publication of the CLM from every week to every other week. We will still be bringing our membership plenty of information- I always have plenty to say! Anything that requires timely communication will still be emailed to our membership. 
I just realized that I have no idea what I will do with my free weekend- I like keeping busy so I may just tend to my very small, very neglected garden. 
I hope you all have a great week!
 Be well,
Jennifer D. Naugle
ASCLD President