Greetings ASCLD Colleagues and Friends,
I have mentioned previously, the CLM will be changing, and we will be rolling out a new schedule. The reason for this change is that our editing for the CLM involves volunteers that use their weekends to accomplish this valuable distribution for our members. We are excited for this change and are committed to emailing our membership with any pertinent information between CLM issues. The schedule will look like this:
September 12 and 26
October 10 and 24
November 7 and 21
December 5 and 19
January 9 and 23
February 6 and 20
March 6 and 20
April 3 and 17
May 8 and 22
June 5 and 19
July 10 and 24

I had mentioned last week that we had received a survey from RTI. Please consider participating in this IRB approved comprehensive research study that aims to inform the criminal justice stakeholder community of the potential impact of vicarious trauma and/or burnout across all forensic science disciplines on work ability. Much of this study has been informed from the ASCLD Stress and Trauma Working Group and will be an extension to the body of literature that this group has contributed to:

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on the Past Presidents meeting which was led by Past President Laura Sudkamp. It was a great opportunity to see some wonderful colleagues and to meet some folks for the first time. I will be candid with you- I was a bit nervous. There were some folks in the virtual room that I have looked up too for my entire career and being able to pick their brains was quite an honor for me.
One topic that did come up was something I would like to share with you all this week. It is an understatement to say it has been a challenging few years for ASCLD financially. Like many small, non-profit organizations, we took quite a hit in 2020 when we had to cancel the ASCLD Symposium and have been trying to get our heads above water since then. To be clear, we are committed to not cut our many programs- we believe that they provide so much value to our forensic leadership community and are truly the backbone of our mission. That stated, our Board members and ASCLD Executive Director have been really rolling up their sleeves to evaluate our financial situation and to make some changes to course correct. I am truly humbled to be surrounded by such a great group of folks. I am also grateful for our membership who always rises to the occasion when ASCLD needs volunteers, feedback and assistance. One thing that our membership can do is to please encourage your colleagues to join our membership and to make sure you can get as many folks in your organizations to the symposium. We are hoping to get back to pre-pandemic attendance levels this year, but we can only do that with your help.

I am really in awe that we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2023. That is 50 years of our community getting together and inspiring each other to continue moving forward with regards to balancing better business practices and scientific progress. After we met with the Past Presidents, I went back to our website to read again about Dr. Briggs White, the leader who started it all. I had never keyed in on it before, but I read that there was quite a bit of debate surrounding this society prior to ASCLD being formed. I was inspired yet again by Dr. White recognizing that this society was not just a good idea, but how he clearly kept pushing to do the right thing. I wonder if he would be proud of our community by how much we have evolved. I like to think he would certainly admire our dedication and resilience to this field- we have certainly had our fair share of challenges.

I leave you all with this quote from the incomparable Dolly Parton: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

I hope you all have had a great weekend and are looking forward to a productive week!
With Gratitude,
Jennifer D. Naugle
ASCLD President