The final week of 2021 is upon us. I had hopes back in the summer that we had seen the worst of COVID and were getting back on track to return to normal. That obviously did not happen. 2021 was actually one of the busiest and unconventional years of my career. COVID is again dominating the headlines. My hope for us all is that 2022 brings some much needed peace and calmness.

I only have a few items to mention during this holiday gap period.

Last call for things with the 12/31/2021 deadline… nominations for the Briggs-White award for excellence in crime lab management and Ed Rhodes scholarship for ABC exam sitting can be made here: Contact John Byrd if you would like to run for the ASCLD
Board of Directors

As a reminder, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE) will be delivering a four-day, no-cost, virtual Firearm and Toolmarks Policy and Practice Forum on January 11-14, 2022.

The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratories Symposium has been identified as one of the relatively few forensic science training efforts for judges/ prosecutors and defense attorneys. Thanks to Katie McCoy and Heather Williams, the program will be included in the research that Marna McLendon is conducting for NIST to gain insight on such programs. Marna, a lawyer from Arizona who loves all things forensic science, is researching forensic science training for judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys on behalf of NIST. She is attempting to identify ongoing, established programs and has reached out to ASCLD to see if we might be aware or participate in any such projects. If you know of such forensic science training for "officers of the court," please contact her at

My husband sees me sitting on the couch typing this out and asks if I am making my 2022 New Year resolution list. I wish you could have heard me bust out laughing. Every to-do list I made in 2021 was rendered mute as soon as I stepped through the office door each morning. It was just one of those years. I am ready for it to be 2022. Here is my toast to all of you, “Happy 2022! May we always be grateful for the past, find joy in the present, and remain excited for the future!”