It has been a quiet week for me and I hope some of you got a break as well. There are only a couple of things I would like to bring to your attention.

Are you a member of ASTM and the E30 crew? I am. It can be eye-crossing at times but it is very important work for our community. ASTM is one of the Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) you see referenced in the OSAC standards process. ASTM International’s forensic sciences committee (E30) has begun submitting its standards to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for designation as American National Standards. To broaden the scope of its activities now that the ANSI process has begun, the committee invites all interested parties to participate in its standards developing activities. ASTM membership secretary, Karen Reczek, National Institute of Standards and Technology, notes that the committee would like to expand its participation among forensics experts among general interest (including academia, conformity assessment bodies, government, etc.); producers (including manufacturers of equipment, kits, etc.); and users (including attorneys, judges, advocacy groups, etc.). Become a member at There should be a PDF with more information below.

Don’t forget that registration for the 2022 symposium, “Facing the Challenge: Mission Possible”, is now open ( Along with that are the various nominations/applications. You can nominate someone ( for the Briggs-White award or the Ed Rhoades Scholarship by December 21, 2021. If you are interested in running for the Board or would like to nominate someone that we can reach out to and ask, send an email to by December 31, 2021. There is also the three Forensic Research Committee award nominations/applications that can be located on the above referenced nominations link. We really need your input into all of these awards and recognition. ASCLD is a group effort in every aspect. Support and recognize your peers for their hard work and great minds.

Here is a link to the 20-25 minute survey about the prevalence of PTSD in forensic science practitioners if you haven’t had a chance to take it yet.

I hope you have a great week! I am headed on a cruise as my stress-reliever. I just found out that I will have a fellow shipmate to assist with next week’s message from the poolside.