Greetings ASCLD Colleagues and Friends,
It is another beautiful Saturday and this time we are in Indianapolis for a baseball tournament. I am always amazed and grateful to be able to explore different cities across the country- especially this particular city with its wonderful architecture. Exploring is a good way to exercise a different part of the brain after a long week at work.

As forensic scientists and leaders, we are often so busy “getting cases out the door” that we may not be able to take the time we need to recharge and explore what happening with regards to forensic science research. Our friends at NIJ reached out this week to give us the NIJ Forensic Science R&D Reports. Please read all about their great work here.

Speaking of research, don’t forget to sign up for the next FRC Lightning Talk set for July 14th at 1:00pm est. This one will be on Microbial DNA and you can register here: Registration:

Our Executive Director has been working with folks to get some elements of our website updated. Most recently, you will see that the press releases of the 2022 Briggs J. White Award, 2022 Foresight Maximus Awards and the 2022 FRC Awards have been posted on the home page. 

It is a short message for this CLM but I hope that you all have a great week. It is summertime, so encourage the folks you work with to be kind to themselves and to take their vacation and enjoy the beautiful weather and season.

With thanks,
Jennifer D. Naugle
ASCLD President