Dear ASCLD Colleagues and Friends,
It is Saturday and I am enjoying some fun in the sun in beautiful Naples, FL. As you guessed it, we are here for hockey. My son is taking part in a showcase and getting the opportunity to speak with coaches with a variety of backgrounds- from prep school coaching to university and beyond. One of the coaches was training our kids just this morning on some key universal concepts: discipline, self-motivation, accountability, being humble and, of course, resiliency. 

Of the many concepts discussed, resiliency is one concept we all can appreciate as crime laboratory leaders. In fact, it is so much at the forefront of our mind, that our President-Elect has decided to make it the theme of our 50th ASCLD Symposium in Austin, TX for 2023. How are you creating a resilient culture for your team, section, lab or system? Do you need tools yourself in this space? We are hoping to bring together folks to educate us all on what we can do to better support ourselves and our organizations.  

Last week, I had given you all a heads up on the ASCLD Anti-Harassment Policy. This very important policy will be added to the ASCLD Website under the Foundational Documents Page (directly under the Code of Ethics section). Be on the look-out for this soon!

We have been discussing for years as the ASCLD BOD what we can do to better support some of our volunteers. We have extremely dedicated folks that do so much “behind the scenes” to support ASCLD membership. One of the premier advantages our members receive is the ability to get “as soon as published” access to the ASCLD Crime Lab Minute (CLM). One of the downfalls, though, is our editors give up their weekends (and holiday’s!) in order to ensure the CLM is delivered to your inbox every Monday morning with as few errors as possible. They do a great job, and we are grateful. In that spirit of gratefulness, we will be forgoing the July 5th CLM. You will not be seeing the CLM that week as we want our editors to enjoy some time celebrating the holiday with family and friends. 

Since you will not see the CLM that week, I want to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. We are blessed to live in a country that is diverse in culture, but also in thought. We are a people of innovation, courage, and determination. We respect and learn from the past but have no fear of evolution and progress. I hope you have the opportunity this Fourth of July to celebrate our success and to reflect on all we have accomplished. 

With gratitude and hope,

Jennifer D. Naugle
ASCLD President