Dear ASCLD Colleagues,
Many of us are seeing our communities ‘reopen’ from restrictions that were implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is also bringing about some changes within our laboratories with an increase in submissions and perhaps a return to a pre-pandemic schedule and ending the option to work from home. At the onset of the pandemic a year ago, our community was reminded to be mindful of employee wellness in part due to the abrupt change in routine and lifestyle. Now that we are changing again, let’s not forget that this may be equally as challenging for many.

Last week I attended the Lightning Talks presentation on employee wellness and I suggest you all watch the archived presentation on the ASCLD website when it is made available. One of the presenters mentioned an aspect in their crime scene training that I had not considered before – self-care. Is this something in the training program in your organization? Something to consider.
Have a terrific week!
Be well,


Erin P. Forry
ASCLD President