Dear ASCLD Colleagues,
I encourage those eligible to consider running for ASCLD Board of Directors. To qualify, you must be an ASCLD Regular member for 3 or more years, attended 2 symposia as a Regular member, serve on at least 1 committee, and work at an accredited crime laboratory. Please allow me to share a bit about why my Board colleagues value their experience on the ASCLD Board:

A top-ten list regarding my personal and professional benefits of serving on the ASCLD Board of Directors. 

  1. Service to Forensic Science Community – I have become involved in solving problems and addressing issues in forensic science.  
  2. By being a representative of geographically diverse board, I learn about issues that are happening in different parts of the country that may soon affect my city. 
  3. Being on the Board of Directors has enabled me to sharpen my leadership skills for my “day” job. 
  4. I am learning new skills. For example, I am chair of advocacy committee, where I am learning how policy is formed, laws are negotiated and made, and how Washington, D.C. functions (dysfunctions?). 
  5. By being the treasurer-elect, I am sharpening my financial management skills which help me in my career and also in my personal life. 
  6. Since becoming a Board Member, I have increased my professional relationships. As a life-long introvert – this allows me to effectively and comfortably network. Some of these folks I have met also have served my mentor over the years, further increasing my skill set. 
  7. My communication skills have improved in general, and public speaking skills in particular. These skills help in my professional and personal life. 
  8. My reputation in my agency has increased. My boss sees that I am willing to go the extra mile to make a personal investment in our forensic community and myself without the expectation of being paid. 
  9. While serving takes a time commitment, I have been able to manage it, effectively improving my time management skills. 
  10. Finally, I have a great deal of pride and satisfaction helping share ASCLD’s mission and vision to our current and future leaders. 
Tim Kupferschmid, OCME NYC

I joined the board with the belief that I would be helping with symposium activities and maybe with voting or membership drives – a bit naïve for sure. I went to a couple of days of the board meetings in St. Louis and came to the realization that this board is so much more! The experience has definitely opened my eyes to the depth of what this organization is involved in and all the ways we serve the community. I appreciate all the new (and a few old) friendships I have developed in just a short time on the board and the opportunity to indeed serve the community in whatever ways I can. 
Lisa Burdett, Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Have a terrific week!

Be well,


Erin P. Forry

ASCLD President