Dear ASCLD Colleagues and Friends,
It was a great week in Reno, NV at the 49th Annual ASCLD Symposium. I hope everyone made it home safe and sound. I also hope you all came back reinvigorated and inspired! I know I certainly did.
A huge thank-you to those who attended and especially to those who shared their expertise through our Leadership Academy, workshops, keynotes, and presentations. The connections we made in those breaks with our vendors and each other were invaluable “impromptu” type meetings. Those are my favourite type of meetings. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the symposium, you missed out on a great time. I am hoping you can join us in Austin for 2023. We will be celebrating our 50th Annual ASCLD Symposium and I am counting on all of you to be there.
Our theme for this year's meeting was Facing the Challenge: Mission Possible and I think we delivered. The goal was to exhibit to each other how we face change and how we can strategically guide change rather than being swept up in it. Some of that strategy will require us to be actively engaged in the dialogue that guides the overarching trajectory of this dynamic field. We also required a little bit of fun in Reno; the offsite events, receptions and various roundtables were an excellent opportunity for us to enjoy each other’s company. We added the Breakfast Club this year which was a fantastic crosswalk into standing up a therapy dog program in the laboratory. Our friends at Paws for Love stole the show and were a fantastic addition to the symposium. Thank you to all the sponsors for your continued support.
I cannot thank outgoing President Laura Sudkamp enough for her mentorship and support. I also want to thank Past President Erin Forry, Director Scott O’Neil, Director Tony Tessarolo, Director Jennifer McNair and Director Bruce Houlihan for their outstanding service, guidance and leadership. As your new president, I am very excited, humbled and honored to serve you as your representative. My hope is we continue our dialogue, and we continue to reach out to each other, my friends. We can only progress forward if we are committed, as leaders, to the journey that lies ahead.
Let’s get to work!
Jennifer D. Naugle
ASCLD President