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ASCLD has identified a crucial need for research, and the development of tools to both understand and cope with the trauma and stress that can be a product of a career in forensic science. Thus, ASCLD has created a Trauma and Stress Working Group (TSWG) as part of the new “ASCLD Member Resource Committee” to identify the needs of the forensic community, and facilitate strategies to develop a workforce resilient to vicarious trauma and stress. This initiative was announced at the ASCLD symposium in Atlanta, with a Wednesday keynote focused on forensic practitioner stress and trauma. Building upon that foundation, ASCLD is partnering with the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (AAPL) and the National Institute of Justice to further the research and implementation of strategies in this field.  Read more...
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Workplace Stress and Vicarious Trauma Throughout the Criminal Justice Series
Thursday September 13, 2018 1 p.m. EDT
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Vicarious trauma is an occupational challenge for forensic science professionals whose work entails continuous contact with victims of crime and violence, and the analysis of traumatic material. This webinar introduces the Vicarious Trauma Toolkit, and its premise that while the exposure to vicarious trauma may be inevitable, potentially negative consequences can be mitigated by organizations accepting responsibility to act and becoming vicarious trauma-informed.

Participants will learn about the Vicarious Trauma Organizational Readiness Guide (VT-ORG), an evidence-informed assessment of an organization’s current capacity to address vicarious trauma.  Examples will be provided on how to search the Toolkit’s Compendium of Resources to find tools appropriate for forensic organizations.
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The American Board of Criminalistics (ABC) is recruiting for an At-Large Director to serve on the Board of Directors (BoD). The candidate is voted in by the BoD for a three year term. This 3 year term will expire at the conclusion of the February 2021 ABC board meeting. Click Here for more information.
Forensic Science Scholarships
In addition to ASCLD's Scholarship opportunity for students studying forensic science, here is a link to a website listing other available scholarships. Some are national, some are regional, and others are demographic-specific forensic science scholarships. Please share this information with prospective students you may know. A link to this site will also soon be added to the ASCLD website.
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Please find pending legislation regarding the opioid crisis. This is NOT an appropriation of funding and these bills are only the ones that have passed one body of the Congress as of June 22, 2018. The Congress intends to roll many of these bills into a single Opioid Bill that will move forward.
These research reports have been submitted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) especially for their relevance to crime laboratory activities. ASCLD has not reviewed nor does it necessarily endorse the findings of this research.

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