After months of surveys, town halls, public testimony, and discussions, the Anchorage School District Administration is drafting a FY23-24 budget based on guidance and recommendations from the School Board to balance the $48 million deficit.

Since 2017, ASD has received an increase of .5% from the State of Alaska (SOA) through the BSA formula. For more than seven years, inflation has reduced purchasing power to a level of approximately $80 million less than what the District could afford in 2017 in real dollars. This, coupled with a declining student enrollment in our city, continues to negatively impact ASD’s ability to maintain smaller class sizes to better address student learning.

The School Board must approve the FY23-24 budget by February 21st. 

You can still provide input. Help be part of the budget solutions. For more information, click here.

December 2022 media coverage: