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Fiscal year '24 budget solutions update, second survey available
The District is facing a $68 million budget shortfall in FY24 (the start of next school year). ASD's primary funding source is the State of Alaska (SOA) Foundational Formula, which is not inflation-proofed. The State's base student allocation (BSA) is mainly based on enrollment numbers. Since 2017, ASD has received an increase of .5% from the State of Alaska (SOA) through the BSA formula. For more than seven years, inflation has reduced purchasing power to a level of approximately $80 million less than what the District could afford in 2017 in real dollars. This, coupled with a declining student enrollment in our city has led us to the 68 million dollar shortfall. In the past the District has used one-time funding and Federal COVID-19 relief dollars to band-aid the budget while the deficit continued to build.

The second community survey regarding FY24 budget solutions is now available on our hot topics page, along with results from the first survey. It is important to hear from all stakeholders in order to make an informed decision.

By city charter ASD has to pass a balanced budget by the month of February. Over the last several months ASD has been researching all areas of spending and placing the greatest value on areas with biggest impact on our students.

School closure recommendations, receiving schools, and building repurposing update:

Abbott Loop Elementary School
  • Students/teachers would move to Kasuun and Trailside elementary schools.
  • The building would not be repurposed by the District. Administrators would work with the MOA for disposition.

Birchwood ABC Elementary School
  • Students/teachers would move to Homestead Elementary School.
  • The building would be repurposed for use by Eagle Academy Charter School.

Klatt Elementary School
  • Students/teachers would move to Campbell STEM and Ocean View elementary schools.
  • The building would be repurposed for Highland Academy Charter and PAIDEIA Cooperative schools.

Nunaka Valley Elementary School
  • Students/teachers would move to Chester Valley and Russian Jack elementary schools.
  • The building would be repurposed for a pre-K academy.

Northwood Elementary School
  • Students/teachers would move to Lake Hood Elementary School.
  • The building would be repurposed for a pre-K academy.

Wonder Park Elementary School
  • Students/teachers would move to Williwaw and Ptarmigan elementary schools.
  • The building would be repurposed for Alaska Native Cultural Charter School & STrEaM Academy.

Special program recommendations:

Consolidate the Adult Community Transition (ACT) Program
  • The learning model would increase access to the community for training opportunities.
  • Supports teaming model will address staff collaboration and staffing shortages.
  • Public transportation access allows students to be more independent and reduces District bus routes and cost.

Scale back Immersion programs
  • Chinese, French, and Yupik available through elementary grades
  • All immersion programs end at grade 8. Students will be awarded completion cords that can be worn at high school graduation and are encouraged to complete the application for the Seal of Biliteracy. Students are allowed to bring up to 2.0 world language credits to their high school transcript for college admission. At the high school level, students may participate in online or in-person AP/IB or upper level language classes. Students may also start a new language pathway, or enroll through a college program for dual credit (AMCS or another program).

Change of the IGNITE program
  • IGNITE students will receive their support through inclusive practices, utilizing the Multi-Tiered System of Supports framework, in order to focus on their academic needs.
  • Highly gifted programs will remain at Rogers Park Elementary School, Romig Middle School, and West High School.
Bus Transportation Update: More routes permanently reinstated; Better wages for drivers, attendants
The cohort model continues this month, however more routes are being permanently reinstated each week. Cohort 1 will continue through Nov. 11, and Cohort 2 will begin Nov. 14. At a glance, the majority of the cohorts are in ridership. The average daily ridership as of the first week of November is 15,517 out of 22,000 eligible riders and 199 out of 228 routes are active. Incremental increases will continue throughout November. The District continues to make strong strides in hiring bus drivers.
This month the Anchorage School Board approved the General Teamsters Local 959 contract, covering bus drivers and bus attendants, which will establish terms and conditions of employment for individuals in this unit during the period between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2025.
The new contract offers a significant pay increase for bus drivers and attendants. The District anticipates the increase in pay to attract retention and new interested persons. Additionally, Reliant Transportation is offering a $5,000 hiring bonus.
ASD celebrates Alaska Native, Native American Heritage Month
November is Alaska Native, Native American Heritage Month.

Celebrate with ASD and the Indigenous Education Department throughout November as we honor and share stories about the history, traditions, and culture of our Indigenous people for Alaska Native, Native American Heritage Month!

Follow us all month long as we share more engaging family activities that bring awareness to and celebrate Alaska's First Peoples.

Out of the 574 federally recognized Native tribes and tribal groups in the United States, 231 of those are in Alaska. It is important to also acknowledge the many tribes that are not federally recognized.

Events to note this month:

Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m. at Romig Middle School in the multipurpose room. There will be door prizes, fry bread, and a screening of "Walking Two Worlds", a documentary about Quannah Chasinghorse-Potts and Jody Potts.

Nov. 18 is Rock Your Mocs day. The Indigenous Education Department invites you to participate in this nationwide event. Roc Your Mocs Day is a positive opportunity to be united and celebrate tribal individuality by wearing moccasins.
Be Smart Partnership: Secure Storage
Providing our students and staff in the Anchorage School District (ASD) with a safe educational environment remains one of the District's top priorities. We are all aware of incidents of gun violence in our surrounding communities and across the nation.
We recently partnered with the Be Smart campaign to help keep our schools safe.

You can learn more and download helpful resources, including a secure storage fact sheet, guide to talking to your children about guns, and facts and resources on child firearm suicide, on our Security and Emergency Management webpage.
ASD launches new tool to stop bullying, bad behavior, & more
ASD has enrolled with STOPit Solutions Anonymous Reporting System. STOPit is a technology platform which will help to deter and mitigate bullying, cyber abuse, and other inappropriate behaviors.

This program allows students, parents, and staff to learn how to recognize the signs of at-risk behaviors, gather information and report, and allows administrators to assess, manage, and resolve incidents.

Specifically, the program allows participants to:

  • Report incidents anonymously
  • Submit photo or video evidence (App/Web Only)
  • Communicate anonymously with administrators with STOPit Messenger (App/Web Only)
  • Alert designated administrators to issues and risks early, before they escalate
  • 24/7 Phone Tip Line Included in STOPit App & Web

The StopIt platform will launch later this month in ASD secondary schools. Stay tuned for more information once the platform becomes available.
Take the ASD wellness survey by Nov. 8 to provide feedback to ad hoc Wellness Advisory Committee
The Anchorage School District stakeholder survey: Board Policy (BP) 5040 "Student Nutrition and Physical Activity" is open for community feedback through Nov. 8.

This survey seeks public input on proposed changes to ASD's BP 5040: Student Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Background: The Anchorage School Board's 2022 ad hoc Wellness Advisory Committee, which included Board members, administrators, AEA representation, parents/guardians, and health professionals, began the revision process by examining recommendations made by the 2019 ad hoc Wellness Committee.

The Committee hopes to use this survey to understand how students, families, staff, community members, etc. perceive the benefits and barriers that may be associated with these proposed changes to board policies and administrative regulations.
Teaching Today- Inspiring stories of teachers reinventing the way they teach
Teaching Today is a new video series documenting how ASD teachers engage students to achieve their learning goals. These inspiring stories show how ASD teachers reinvent the way they teach to ensure students have access to engaging, hands-on content.

In the most recent video, Georgianna Starr, a 4th grade teacher at Alaska Native Cultural Charter School, talks about the importance of a diverse, culturally responsive workforce. "If you have a teacher who looks likes their students, it's an added element that the students see themselves reflected in the person that is teaching them."
In this video, Kirk Gallagher, a collision repair instructor at King Tech High School, wanted a real-world project for students. When he noticed an ASD vehicle that had damage he asked if the students could repair the vehicle. Gallagher said the student collaboration that occurred is priceless. "That's a bigger skill....that is the vessel to create a community. It's the unconscious outcome of this."
Photo of the Month: Scenic Park staff Celebrate Halloween
Left to right: Scenic Park Elementary’s Cathy Echols (secretary), Katie Clausson (Nurse), Marco Christian (Principal), Tiffiny Hatcher (AA) pose for a photo in their Despicable Me Halloween costumes.
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