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Introducing the NEW Autism Connections App

This app will allow families in Nebraska and Kansas to locate services and resources related to autism in their communities.

Services and resources can be searched according to zip code and category, including:
  • Medical
  • Early Intervention (Ages 0-3)
  • School (Ages 3-21)
  • Community Based Services
  • Transition/Adult Services
Download for IOS
Download for Android

To have information on your agency or company (Nebraska only) included in the Autism Resource Connection App click here.

Check out this excellent resource for planning Age- Appropriate Transitions. This course includes a wealth of information.  You can go through the content all at once or view it in short segments. Plan to bookmark this resource!

Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends (CoF) is a form of Peer Mediated Intervention. Through a Circle of Friends program, typically developing peers   are taught important information about classmates with social challenges, and are invited and encouraged to befriend them. 

If you are interested in applying for a $300 grant to start a circle of friends group at your school visit the  CoF Webpage.

Prompting is a means to induce an individual with added stimuli (prompts) to perform a desired behavior.  Prompting is provided when an ordinary antecedent is ineffective,  and is extensively used in behavior shaping and skill acquisition. It provides learners with assistance to increase the probability that a desired behavior will occur.  Successful performance of a desired behavior elicits positive reinforcement, therefore reinforcing learning. A prompt is like a cue or support to encourage a desired behavior that otherwise does not occur.
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