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Save the Date!  The 2018 NE ASD Network State Autism Conference April 19th and 20th in LaVista Nebraska at the Embassy Suites Convention Center.   Registration opens January 3rd, 2018.  More details and a conference flyer will be coming soon. 

Effective Practices and Predictors Matrix

NTACT has developed Practice Descriptions and Lesson Plan Starters for many of the Effective Practices and Predictors. Additionally, NTACT will link users to outside sources, such as the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Evidence-Based Practices for Vocational Rehabilitation (RRTC on EBPs for VR) for more detailed explanations of practices identified through other sources. In each of the Effective Practice Descriptors, the evidence for the practice will be indicated.

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5th Overview of Teaching Verbal Behavior for Support Staff- ESU 3
Poor Vocabulary:  Be More with Core- Tri-State Webinar
7th & 8th 2 Day Traditional Structure Teach-Classic - ESU 6
14th & 15th Establishing Basic Skill Sets for Students with Autism- ESU 10
19th This Kid Loses Everything!  Executive Functioning - ESU 7
Social Stories(TM) are individualized stories that describe a social situation, often from the individual with ASD's perspective. Social Articles(TM) are similar to Social Stories(TM) except that they are written to include more age-appropriate material for adults. Both can be written in a variety of formats, including pictures with words, text alone, audiotapes, videotapes, PowerPoint, etc. 
Because of their lack of understanding of social cues or rules, people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often face challenges when having to respond to social behavior and engage in social interactions. Social narratives can teach new social skills and encourage individuals to regulate their behavior through relatively short sentences or phrases. In this section, we will be focusing solely on Social Stories ™ although other types of social narratives include social scripting and Power Cards.
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