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5 Apps to Help People with Autism Learn 
Social Skills

Click here for more information on Technology that can be used to support social competencies for students of all ages. Moderately priced apps include videos, quizzes, and opportunities to create supports specific to individual students. 

 Rules and Routines
 Many students with autism rely on rules and routines to keep their environment predictable and, therefore, feel safer. Educational professionals and parents must understand the importance of rules and routines for individuals with autism and apply them in various settings and situations. Application of rules and routines in school and home helps students with autism engage more successfully in activities and prevents problem behavior. Routines help create an efficient environment - they save time. When students know routines, they can perform daily activities more quickly. 
2nd Play is Not as Easy as it Looks:  How to teach Joint Attention and Object Based Play to Young Children - ESU 3
7th Webinar:  Sensible Sleep Strategies
9th Using Visuals to Communicate - ESU 6
26th Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders - ESU 10

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