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Choice Making
Choice making is an effective intervention for increasing the active participation of individuals with autism.  For example, providing choice-making opportunities has demonstrated successful outcomes to manage problem behavior.  Choices indicating personal preferences can also function as powerful reinforcers.  Instructors and parents can use various options of choice to encourage individual performance.  For example, if a student has a chance to choose preferred rewards, a target behavior is more likely to occur.  
Get Ready, Get Set, Plan!- ESU 6   
12th Play is Not as Easy as It Looks- ESU 10
18th & 19th 
Toolkit for Education Identification of Autism- ESU 6
19th Autism and the Very Young Child- ESU 3
22nd  Introduction to High Functioning Autism 
24th Tri-State Webinar:  Overcoming Daily Drama
30th Strategies for Including Students with HFA in the General Education Classroom - ESU 6
31st Tri-State Webinar: College & Career Competencies Framework

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