ASDC News • December 2020
December Signs
Video for Kids
Learn signs for all the holidays in December with ASL teacher Richard Rose!
Videos: Holiday Stories in ASL
We've selected all the books that feature December holidays from our ASL Stories Directory and created a page where you can access them all at once. Watch ASL story videos about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa here:
January Events
Classes • Webinar • Story Time

We've got some exciting online events scheduled for January.

Plus - save BIG when you register for all 12 classes, webinars or story time events in 2021.
Educational ASL Videos for Kids
The Did You Know That?! channel on YouTube offers fun and informative videos for kids age 7 and up.

Their videos offer fun, educational facts in ASL. They are signed by Jenny Cooper and edited by Amanda Kline.

Check out their wide range of topics ranging from current events to weird historical events.
Interpreter Program Earns Accreditation
RIT/NTID’s American Sign Language and English Interpretation program has achieved national accreditation, making it one of only 16 accredited bachelor’s degree interpreting programs in the country!
Clear Face Masks
Wearing masks is more important than ever. The good news is that when you donate to ASDC, you can get our clear, anti-fog face masks. Shipping is free.

$40 Donation = set of 5 masks
$80 Donation = set of 10 masks
$120 Donation = set of 15 masks
Cued Speech
The National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) is sharing information about a free resource for families interested in using cued speech to enhance both ASL and English literacy skills. Learn more about the Cued Family Program here.
Deaf Identity Survey
A College of Wooster student in Ohio is researching how Deaf identity is influenced by contact with culturally Deaf individuals. She has a short survey for young adults (18-25) who have at least one cochlear implant.
November Donors
Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to these generous individuals, families, and organizations for their support.

Have you donated $300 in 2020? Get your tax break before it’s too late! The Cares Act lets you write off up to $300 in charitable donations from your 2020 taxes - without itemizing! Learn more here - and consult a tax professional for details.
In honor of Raymond Antrobus
Arlene & Arthur Rice

In honor of all deaf students, teachers and people, love you all!
Anthony Khiliq Jones, Jr. 

In honor of Susan Martin and her commitment to D/HH students

In honor of deaf children who don't get a voice
Derrick Jacobson

In honor of Vaughn
JC White 

In honor of S1K_Panda
Drew Smith

On behalf of Walter Di Mantova
Caitlin DiMantova 

In memory of Michael McKinley
Deborah Noyes

In memory of Susan B. Landis
Charles & Suzanne Davis

In memory of Carla Pete

In memory of Thelma Lee Dolginow
Nancy & Michael Czinege
Matt Musick,
Drs. Barbara and David Wolock

In memory of Flor Hernandez
Robert Rosella 

In memory of Susan Crouch
Suzan Westmoreland

  • Anonymous
  • Caitlin Curly
  • Cherie Kibble Smith
  • Claudia Johnson
  • Emma
  • Eva Henson
  • Geri Rios
  • Gino Correa
  • Kimberley Vanni
  • Linda Petzold
  • Lindsey Gillespie
  • Orren Mehan
  • Sandra Procaccio
  • William Emnett

  • Delta Zeta National Sorority
  • Blackbaud Giving Fund
  • Exelon
  • Fidelity Charitable
  • Good Coin
  • Network for Good
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