ASER 2022
Corporate Symposia

ASER is happy to present the 2022 Corporate Symposium Program.

Please note the following:
  • Each event is planned independently of the ASER program committee and ASER does not endorse the programming content of any event.
  • You must be a ASER registrant in order to attend a satellite symposium.
  • There is no additional cost to attend any of the corporate symposia.
  • All symposia occur during a meal and food will be provided for in-person attendees. All admittance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please find the satellite symposia schedule and additional details including descriptions of each symposia.
THURSDAY, MAY 12 | 7:00 AM
The State of the Art of Intraoperative Neuromonitoring in Enhanced Recovery
Hosted by Medtronic

Discuss Medtronic’s neuromonitoring devices for the perioperative enhanced recovery environment. We will discuss the clinical benefits of INVOS regional oximetry and BIS depth of sedation monitors.

Presenter: Dr. T.J. Gan
Department of Anesthesiology Stony Brook Medicine, NY Founding President, American Society for Enhanced Recovery (ASER) | President, Perioperative Quality Initiative (POQI)
THURSDAY, MAY 12 | 12:00 PM
Enter a New World of Postoperative Pain Management
Hosted by Heron

The first 72 hours after surgery are the most painful. Uncontrolled pain can impede patient recovery. Inflammation peaks around 24 hours postoperatively, remains relatively high through the first 72 hours, and can limit the efficacy of local anesthetics.

Generic local anesthetics are not designed to provide pain relief beyond 8 to 12 hours. Most longer-acting local anesthetics, including liposomal bupivacaine and formulations delivered via wound infiltration catheters or pumps, inconsistently provide pain relief beyond 12 to 24 hours.

There is an innovative local anesthetic proven to manage pain better than standard-of-care bupivacaine HCl solution through 72 hours.

Healthcare providers now have a tool to manage postoperative pain, which is applied directly into the surgical site via needle-free instillation. Learn how this dual-acting local anesthetic can potentially benefit your patients.

Presenter: Randy Robbins, MD
We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore and Online!