ASF Announces Grant to Provide Critical Support for the Work of the Baby Siblings Research Consortium

The Autism Science Foundation will provide significant funding over the next year for essential work to ensure the continuing viability of the Baby Siblings Research Consortium (BSRC) database, which scientists from around the world rely upon for a range of important autism research initiatives. To read the press release, click here.
Author and Advocate Liane Kupferberg Carter to Receive ASF's 2017 Caryn Schwartzman Spirit Award

Liane Kupferberg Carter, a nationally-known writer and advocate for the autism community, will receive this year's Caryn Schwartzman Spirit Award, which recognizes excellence in autism advocacy. The award will be presented at the fourth annual "Day of Learning," ASF's science conference for the autism community, on Thursday, March 30 in New York. To read the press release, click here.
4th Annual Day of Learning
Tickets on Sale this Wednesday!

On  March 30, 2017 , the Autism Science Foundation will hold its fourth annual Day of Learning, featuring the autism community's annual TED-style science conference. Our TED talks are thoughtful, 15-minute distillations of critical issues facing people with autism and their families.

The conference will feature the following talks:
  • Autism Research: Where Are We Now? - Dr. Wendy Chung (Simons Foundation)
  • Housing Options for Adults with Autism - Amy Lutz (EASI Foundation)
  • Improving Communication Between Parents of Children with Autism and Teachers - Dr. David Mandell (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Developing Clinical Biomarkers - Dr. James McPartland - (Yale University)
  • Understanding Modifiable Autism Risk Factors - Dr. Craig Newschaffer (Drexel University)
  • Helping People with Autism Develop Practical Skills - Dr. Celine Saulnier (Emory University)
  • Understanding the Female Protective Effect - Dr. Donna Werling (University of California, San Francisco)
Stay tuned for registration information!
Apply Now for Undergraduate Summer Research Grants and Accelerator Grants

Undergraduate Summer Research Grants
We are currently accepting  applications for Undergraduate Summer Research Grants from highly qualified undergraduates interested in pursuing basic and clinical research relevant to autism spectrum disorder. Applications are due by February 13, 2017.

Awards of $3,000 will be made directly to the university sponsoring the research. Of this, the university must pay $2,500 directly to the student as a stipend.

Research Accelerator Grants
We are currently accepting applications for Research Accelerator Grants. These grants are designed to expand the scope, speed the progress or increase the efficiency of active autism research grants. Applications are due by April 3, 2017.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to enhance, expand and enrich grants currently funded by other sources (including ASF). Staff salary may be covered by this award. 

Free Webinar with Dr. Mark Zylka on Monday, March 13, 2017
"Focusing on Candidate Epigenetically Regulated Genes to Study Gene/Environment"

Mark Zylka, PhD
Jeffrey Houpt Distinguished Investigator
Director, UNC Neuroscience Center
Professor, Cellular Biology & Physiology

Dr. Zylka will share recent research on the gene UBE3A, a key player in Angelman Syndrome, and fungicides as risk for autism. He will also include how shared pathways may play a key role in gene/environment interactions in autism.
Supported by the Escher Fund for Autism, Autism Speaks and the Autism Science Foundation

Panel discussion and comment by:  Valerie Hu, PhD, George Washington University
Moderated by: Mat Pletcher, PhD, Autism Speaks, and Alycia Halladay, PhD, Autism Science Foundation

Time will be allotted for an open question and answer period.

This webinar is free to join. 
Click here to register.