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December 2017 - Vol 65, Issue 2

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President's Message

Welcome to the New Chapter Year.   We are off to a wonderful start to the 2017 - 2018 chapter year.  Our October and November dinner meetings were well attended with excellent presentations.  As your Chapter President for the 2017 - 2018 year I have begun the year with an outstanding board of volunteers that are motivated to make our events and programs the best ever.   I wish to thank Marco Ottavino, our current past-President for the outstanding job he did in 2016-2017.  Marco has provided me with tremendous help over the past 4 years working together on our Board of Governors.   Thank you Marco. 
Our planning for 2017 - 2018 began back in June, with the Board of Governors meeting over a weekend to discuss our chapter goals.  My goals as your Chapter President for 2017-2018 are as follows:
  1. Win an ASHRAE design award for a building in the GTA.
  2. Update the webpage. 
  3. Improve how we accept volunteers and how we help them find roles within our chapter. 
  4. Host the largest attended meeting in our chapter's history, with the goal of 200 people at a meeting. 
  5. Best career fair ever.   The most employers, most attendees ever. 
  6. Host another Women in Engineering / ASHRAE event. 
We are almost at the end of the year and the good news is that work has begun on all of these goals and we are on our way to making them happen.  The only bad news is that so far I have yet to complete any of them.   By the time of our May dinner meeting I hope to announce that all 6 of these goals have been achieved.  If you wish to help, please do not hesitate to email me.  I look forward to making this an excellent year for our chapter.   

Peter Turk
ASHRAE Toronto Chapter President 2017-2018

Yes, I'm kidding

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November Presentation and Panel Discussion

3rd Annual Joint Trade Show & Dinner Meeting & Panel Discussion
November 6th, 2017

  On November 6th, 2017, the joint ASHRAE and TSMCA (Toronto Sheet Metal Contractors Association) tradeshow presented an opportunity to learn about the latest in HVAC, hydronics, and sheet metal products, and to network with the HVAC and sheet metal community.  The tradeshow was followed by a presentation on the following topic as well as a panel discussion:

SMACNA - Fire, Smoke and Radiation Damper Design in Commercial Buildings

The presentation was by Eli P. Howard III, Executive Director Technical Services, National Office (Virginia, USA) of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA).  Mr. Howard discussed the code requirements and standards regarding the selection, installation and maintenance of fire/smoke dampers.
 Eli P. Howard III.                         ( Photo courtesy of Niss Feiner; 

Codes and Regulations

  • NFPA 90A (Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems)
  • NFC (National Fire Code of Canada)
  • NFPA 80 (Standard for Fire Doors & Other Opening Protectives)
  • NFPA 105 (Standard for Smoke Door Assemblies & other Opening Protectives)
  • SMACNA Fire, Smoke & Radiation Damper Guide

Figure 5-1.  Basic Fire Damper Installations

A.      Retaining Angles
B.     Expansion Space
C.    Damper Sleeve
E.     Retaining Angles Fastened to Sleeve. 
F.      Damper Attachment to Sleeve. 
G.     Connection of Duct to Sleeve. 
H.     Access Door or Panel


                           Figure 5-5.  Fire damper out of wall

                          Fig. 5-6 Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Out-of-Wall Installation

Leakage Class
  • Leakage rate tested across a closed damper
  • Tested at 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Inch WG.
  • Higher leakage class-I, II, or III-represents a higher CFM/FT² leakage rate through the closed damper
  • Has NO relation to air leakage from the overall duct system!
Inspection, Testing & Maintenance
  • Dampers to be tested and inspected 1 year after installation
  • Test & inspection frequency shall be every 4 years, except in hospitals where frequency is every 6 years
  • Operational test after installation for dynamic fire dampers and combination fire smoke dampers
Smoke Control Systems

Some analysis and design factors of smoke control systems, in high-rise buildings, hotels, atriums, underground buildings, etc.  are the following:
  • Stack Effect
  • Temperature Effect of Fire
  • Wind Effect/Climate
  • HVAC Systems
  • Duration of Operation (20 mins min)

Responsibilities of the Various Parties Involved in Ensuring Fire/Smoke Dampers Meet the Code and Owner Requirements

                      Aldo Jimenez, Denka Mortella, Eli Howard and Darryl Stewart.   
(Photo courtesy of  Niss Feiner; 

Introduction by Darryl Stewart
Executive Director, Toronto Sheet Metal Contractors Association
Denka Mortella
General Manager, Nailor Industries, Inc. 
  • Look for dampers better than the minimum required, eg. smoke leakage.  
  • Development of damper products is ongoing to save labour, and to make dampers easier to inspect. 
  •  "Must comply with local regulations" is a disclaimer in manufacturer's instructions; therefore, choose a manufacturer you trust to give you appropriate installation instructions.
  • Stuffing fire retardant material around damper in the expansion space for damper sleeve within wall/floor opening is not acceptable.
Aldo Jimenez
Lead Engineering Associate, Building & Life Safety Technologies, UL LLC
  • Collaboration between manufacturers, installers/contractors/tradesman, authorities having jurisdiction/inspectors, building owners and safety testing and certification organizations. Working together helps to add clarity and understanding to situations that arise and to find resolutions that add safety and improve performance of products and systems.
  • Continue to adapt, evolve and grow certification programs, test/installation standards/guides and codes. The code update to include a reasonably sized duct access door to allow proper inspection and maintenance of fire dampers is a great example of how involvement of various parties can lead to realistic and beneficial results.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication. If all relevant parties communicate clearly and without hesitation we can become a better connected  community with less divisions between roles and organizations. This helps to continue to build business relationships, technical references and better understanding of other roles and responsibilities. This benefits us all to have a better connected industry from the mfg. to the end user and everyone in between.
Eli Howard
Executive Director Technical Services, SMACNA National Office.
  • The 2 new standards being produced by SMACNA for early next year are the following: SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standard 4th edition
  •  SMACNA HVAC Total Systems Air Duct Leakage Manual 1st edition.

Anne-Marie Bundgard
ASHRAE Toronto Gazette Committee

November:  ASHRAE Toronto and TSMCA 3rd Annual Joint Trade Show

   Photos courtesy of Niss Feiner;


Congratulations to the Following Award Recipients

            John Ferguson received the First Place 2017 Technology Award in the 
            New Commercial  Building category!   (, Aug. 25)

                              Kurt Monteiro received the 2017 ASHRAE Technology Award under 
                             the Category III - Health Care Facilities.   
                    (Photo courtesy of Niss Feiner; 

  • Marco Ottavino received the ASRAE Presidential Award of Excellence 2016-2017
  • Abhishek Khurana received the ASHRAE  Region II, Allen Hanley Award 2017, for Best Chapter Technology Transfer Committee Chair 
  • Beatriz Salazar received the ASHRAE Toronto Chapter Roy Chaffey Outstanding Effort Award 2016-2107

Ended our year in style!




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