We remain encouraged that community members continue to practice physical distancing and hope to experience less illness in the coming weeks. We know that because of this, many will suffer economically, socially, and civically. This is a time to focus on health and remain connected to family and friends. We encourage citizens and leaders to come together as planners, problem-solvers, and creators. We each have something to contribute and our values continue to unite us.
Below you will find updates, opportunities, and events from the Annette Strauss Institute. Institute work continues while faculty, staff and students work from home and in-person gatherings are on hold. Please share widely among your networks, and email us at  strauss.institute@austin.utexas.edu  if you need information or have ideas to share.
Impact and Resources
The Institute recently released a Twenty-year Impact Report. Click on the report cover to link to the full report filled with highlights from the last 20 years. 

Because of generosity of many supporters, we have made a difference and we have much to celebrate.
The New Politics Forum team has created an open-sourced  Community Action Opportunities resource guide   and is asking for contributions from others. It’s a great tool for students, the general public, or folks who want to stay engaged while staying at home.
Our K-12 team has compiled a list of civic education and student resources for educators and parents who want to provide civic learning opportunities remotely for students in K-12
Student Opportunities
Campaign Bootcamp
2020 Campaign Bootcamp  will be entirely virtual and online. The curriculum will also cover how campaigns are adapting their outreach methods when face-to-face interaction is limited. While the in-person experience is the one we certainly prefer, the virtual offering has the added benefit of allowing us to include many more students. The  registration link  should be shared widely. Co-sponsorship by the  Texas Woman’s University Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy  makes this program possible for the next two years.
Texas Civic Ambassador 2020-21 cohort applications are now open.
UT Austin undergraduate students who need financial assistance for their summer internship may apply for the Patricia Witherspoon Research Awards.
UT Austin Graduate students may apply for the Patricia Witherspoon Research Awards.
All Speak Up Speak Out materials for K-12 are available online for free, in English and Spanish.
News, Updates, and Save-the-Dates
Undergraduate students enrolled in the  RUReady Texas  course are delivering online civic education instruction to juniors attending the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders this spring. The content students have taught was modified to be relevant to the pandemic and the most pressing needs of our community.
The  Texas Voting Summit  convening for student leaders and university administrators across Texas has been rescheduled and restructured.
Great Conversations 2020 has been rescheduled and we hope it will take place on October 1.
Fixing American Politics Conference will be rescheduled for a later date.
The UT Student Voting Information app,  BeVote , will launch with new features this Spring. The team is keeping up with conversations about upcoming election procedures to ensure students will be served well by the tools we are designing for them.
Follow us in the coming months to find out how we will adapt our programs to continue to support students remotely and orient our research to digest the needs facing communities, civic, and political activity throughout this unprecedented time. We will continue to each do our part to try and stay healthy, connected, and engaged.