ASI Southwest Chapter Newsletter
November 28,  2017

Greetings ASI members and friends!

We hope that you are remaining steadfast in faith amidst an ever-changing world. We extend a warm welcome to the individuals and ministries that have made the decision to join ASI in 2017:

A Family Dentist of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Brownsville DME of Brownsville, Texas
Goel Integrative Health Services of Houston, Texas
HIMIG Foundation, Inc., of Harlingen, Texas
His Will, Inc., of Norman, Arkansas
Lake Jackson Endoscopy Center of Lake Jackson, Texas
Online Christian Services of Joshua, Texas
Pastorsline of Humble, Texas
Precious Life Home Health of McAllen, Texas
Precision Spraying, LLC of Geary, Oklahoma
Shabach of San Marcos, Texas
Wellness Secrets of Decatur, Arkansas

Bimonthly News

We would also like to introduce you to our bimonthly newsletter. This newsletter is devoted to increasing awareness about ASI, highlighting ASI members and their various ministries, and sharing important tools for witnessing.  For those new to ASI, we would like to share some information about the organizational structure and also introduce you to our current chapter leadership.


ASI, the organization of Seventh-day Adventist lay persons involved in professions, industry, education, and/or services, exists to provide challenge, nurture, and experience in Sharing Christ in the Marketplace, as well as to support the global mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


ASI and its members will be known for their unswerving honesty in business principles and practices, unflagging participation in the various ministries of the church, unwavering support toward church leadership, unhesitating provision for the needs of others, and untiring focus on the Christ they represent in the marketplace. 

How Is ASI Organized?

ASI is organized into chapters corresponding to the various unions in the North American Division. International chapters are usually organized by country.
How is the ASI Southwest Chapter organized?  The Southwestern Union ASI Chapter membership encompasses five states--Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Texas.  Our chapter currently has 38 member organizations and is still growing!
Your Chapter Officers

Dawn Lewis, president
Floyd Courtney, immediate past president
Victor Parilla, general vice president
Russ Lorenz, vice president for membership
Art Humphrey, vice president for communication
Pat Humphrey, vice president for public relations
Doug Mitchell and Mike Mitchell, co-vice presidents for evangelism
Ruben Moses, vice president for logistics
How Can You Support Your Chapter?

Your participation and support are vital to the success of the mission of ASI Southwest.  Your local chapter needs your commitment to share the love of Jesus with those that you encounter using all available tools for ministry. Churches and individuals who desire evangelism training materials may contact your ASI evangelism VPs Doug and Mike Mitchell at or Those wishing to offer financial support may make contributions to ASI Southwest by clicking on the following link ASI Offering.
Becoming a Member of ASI
At the business meeting held at the 2017 ASI Convention in Houston, several new categories of membership were added. Those desiring to join ASI may select from nine membership categories according to their specific eligibility. (See summary below.) If you have questions or would like to inquire about becoming a member, please send an e-mail to .
Members in Ministry

We've added a new feature to our newsletter to better acquaint you with the newest members in the ASI Southwest chapter. In this issue we are pleased to introduce you to Doug and Mike Mitchell.

Mitchell brothers
At the ASI Convention in Houston, Texas, from left, Dan Serns, director of evangelism, Texas Conference; Mike Mitchell, Online Christian Services and co-VP for evangelism, ASI Southwest Chapter; Doug Batchelor, director of Amazing Facts; Doug Mitchell, Online Christian Services and co-VP for evangelism, ASI Southwest Chapter.

Brothers Mike and Doug Mitchell of Joshua, Texas, became members of ASI in early 2017 and were recently elected to serve as co-vice presidents of evangelism for the Southwest Chapter. Their unique ministry, Online Christian Services, uses digital technology to meet the needs of people who are searching the Internet for information about God and the Bible. But that's not all. After addressing people's immediate needs, through their flagship mobile app, fishNet, they then connect the searchers with compassionate church members in their area who can befriend and mentor them in their new walk with Christ.

Mike and Doug have a passion for evangelism, but that hasn't always been the case. Born into an Adventist family, they both left the church at a young age. "We grew up in the church; our parents joined the church before either of us were born," says Mike. "But as with many of the youth, when we moved away from home, we also moved away from the church." 

After Doug and Mike's conversion a few years ago, they both felt a strong desire to share the gospel, and utilizing their technology skills, God led them to develop a ministry that uses mobile applications and Web resources to assist churches in reaching people in their communities who are "ripe for the harvest." While connecting others through ministry, the brothers, who meet and pray together every morning by phone, have become closer now than they've ever been. "It's great that Mike and I get to work together in ministry, but our partnership has more to do with being brothers in Christ than brothers in blood," Doug says.

The two are excited to "use the skills that God has gifted us with to help facilitate gospel work," Mike says. "The Bible study apps revealed what we believe is a bigger need, and that need is a faster way to communicate between supporting church ministries and the church."

Mike and Doug have a vision and a passion not only for using technology to facilitate evangelism, but to make disciples. "We want to effect a change in disciple making," Doug says. This idea was inspired by the Bible and writings of Ellen White." Jesus speaks in John 4 of sowers and reapers working together, which has heavily influenced our work, along with the chapter 'Gathering the Fruit' in the book Gospel Workers," Doug explains. The Mitchell brothers' hope is to change the perception that baptism is the finish line. "Baptism is a very important milestone, but it is really only the starting line to grow someone into the role of disciple maker," Doug continues. "Technology is great and we should take every advantage that it affords us, but technology doesn't make disciples-people do."

Doug and Mike Mitchell feel that they have found in ASI a vibrant community that is serious about soul winning. In the coming months they will share more about their plans for evangelism and disciple making in the Southwest. Our hope is that every Southwest Chapter member will join and support them in this important work.     
Upcoming Events

Spring Convention

You are cordially invited to attend the ASI-SW 2018 Spring Convention from March 22-25, 2018 at the Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church in Gentry, Arkansas. Convention speakers include Elder Steven Orian, the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference president,  and Pastor Rich Constantinescu, a popular Audioverse 
Steve Orian, Arkansas-Louisiana Conference president

Rich Constantinescu, pastor,
Ardmore (Oklahoma) Seventh-day Adventist Church

speaker and pastor from the Oklahoma Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The meeting promises to inspire attendees for ministry. Registration will open December 15th.
Project Offering

During its Spring meeting your ASI-SW chapter raises funds for various ministries as part of its project offering.  Those who would like to apply to receive these funds should e-mail their requests to for consideration by December 31, 2017.
Have a safe and blessed holiday season,
Dawn A. Lewis
President, ASI Southwest Chapter