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Volume 3 Issue 8
Join Us!
ASID Michigan celebrates ASID's 40th Anniversary in September
Monthly Social Events!
ASID Michigan starts monthly FREE Social Gatherings around town

Tuesday, August 11th | 5:30 PM


Each month, ASID Michigan has arranged with some of it's wonderful area partners to sponsor social events around the state and Metro-Detroit highlighting the boom of new restaurants popping up all around town.

Please reserve your seat ahead of time, the event is fully sponsored by our industry partners- so there is no cost to our members! If you choose to bring a guest, please register for them as well, (whether they are an ASID member or not) so that we can check them in! Can't wait to see you there!

Continue to check back at our website and our Facebook page for each month's sponsor and location information

ASID Michigan Industry Nights List of sponsors and dates

August 11th sponsored by: Protect Painters and Sherwin-Williams 
September 8th sponsored by: Blakely Products
October 13th sponsored by: Nieddu Draperies
November 10th sponsored by: Stay Tuned!
December 8th sponsored by: Stay Tuned!




Facebook event page:  

A Note From Your President Elect
Jeffrey Kolp, Allied ASID

Our minds are racing, as most of the 2015-2016 Michigan Chapter of ASID Board Members, returned home this week from Boston. Boston is where the 2015 ASID Chapter Leadership Conference was held from Thursday, July 16, 2015 to Saturday, July 18, 2015.

                CLC is always an incredible experience as we are immersed into a fun filled weekend of seminars, round table discussions and professional engagements that help shape our ASID board members into leaders. The conference was revolved around leadership, this year. We had seminars and questionnaires which taught us about what our individual leadership types are. We learned that, while some may be more effective than others, you need to have several different types of leadership styles. We need to adapt as leaders, learn from our surroundings and listen to our member's needs.

                We, the ASID board, have several ideas that we would like to focus on. We would like to give back to our members and make the membership worth their while. As we discussed Industry Partners a statement was made that suggested how important IP's are to our industry and to ASID. The Industry Partners are the ones that are bringing designers the most current and up to date trends in product and design. As ASID members we need to utilize these resources that we have right in front of us. We need to be creating professional friendships with one another to keep our design industry moving forward in innovative ways.

                While we undoubtedly have 10+ new ideas that we would like to work on in the next couple of years we are going to focus on only a few. Our plan is to execute these plans and ideas to their fullest. We hope that all we have learned this year at CLC can be brought back to the Michigan Chapter of ASID to advance the profession and communicate the impact of Interior Design to enhance the human experience.


Thank you all for your continual support and I hope to see you soon. 

A Note From Your Financial Director
Rebecca Luckhardt, Industry Partner

Greetings from your financial director!

It's not even November and politics are a big topic in the news. (Don't worry, I'm not going to discuss politics here). But did you know that ASID National released its "State of the Industry" outlook for the year? Looking at the financial impact the Interior Design profession has upon the economy should be big news!  


Especially since its been declared the Industry has" fully recovered to pre-recession levels," provides jobs for over 60,800 interior designers and represents $65 billion sales of products specified.


The full report is available for purchase from Below is a preview:


What happens today in interior design affects how we will live, work, and play tomorrow. As the one voice of the interior design industry, ASID seeks to understand the trends that shape both the practice and the business of interior design today. The Interior Design 2015-2016 Outlook and State of the Industry report identified and analyzed six of the most prominent macro-trends affecting the practice and business of interior design, and the sub-trends within each.  


With successful wishes for your thriving business! And a thank you for all that you give back to those you mentor, the products you specify, and the relationships we forge. It is the perfect year to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Enjoy the rest of your summer.
A Note From Your Member at Large
Tina Rossi, Allied ASID

Attention Designers!
I would like to ask that everyone think back to the ASID community service project of 2013-14. This project was to design a domestic abuse shelter named Turning Point located in Mount Clemens. We won a national ASID award for best community service project for Turning Point. This emergency shelter has been refuge for many woman and children effected by domestic abuse through the years. Sue Coats, the president of Turning Point has dedicated her life to saving the lives of others and help them get a fresh start.

Recently, the shelter had a fire in the lower level which caused a major disruption for the residents as well as the employees. They lost a lot of items that they depend on for the residents daily needs. I am asking the design community to help them out. If you can donate clothes for woman and children, car seats, high chairs or non parish able food items they would be very greatful. Please contact Second Hand Rose Resale Shop (located at Turning Point) 586-468-3083. Thank you for your genoristy in advance.
A Note From Your Membership Director
Christina Bliss, Allied ASID

Celebrating 40 years of Membership!
The Chapter Leadership Conference in Boston this year was an amazing experience.  As membership director, this is the second CLC I have attended.  Last year, I sharpened my pencil and focused on specific strategies and practices for building and retaining membership; with a year under my belt, my perspective has changed.  While those things are still very important to me; this year I was caught up with the anniversary celebration and began looking at my role as an individual and how I affect the organization and, in turn, what about the organization affects me.

Looking around, at fellow board members -- from my own chapter and from other chapters, I realize how incredibly valuable my relationships with each person has become.  It is apparent to me, these relationships, forged over years have helped strengthen who I am as a designer.  I now realize that while ASID is important to me as an organization - it is the role the organization has played in developing my professional relationships with these colleagues that really stands out.  Each level of membership provides unique contributions; the opportunity we all have to interact - given ASID as a platform, provides the chance to share ideas and bond.  Without ASID, it is not likely I would have these connections.  For that I am grateful.

It is the membership that holds these connections together.  ASID fosters the opportunity for us to meet.  I would like to thank all of the members, new and old, for your support and enthusiasm for design, as well as embracing the professional connections we develop through ASID.  With the 40th anniversary, I would like to especially thank those who have been members since the very beginning.  The Michigan Chapter has 11 members who truly represent the foundation of ASID:

Becky Spier Andrews
Linda Anger
Mary Dill
Janet Henke
Ariena Hines
Laura Kaminsky
Suzanne Kregel
Linda Laughter
Mark Morganroth
Dennis Standhardt
Andrew Tama

1501 Division St., Detroit, 48207
Thursday, August 13th
5:30PM - 8PM

August is the month we highlight makers of all kind that have a design focus or a creative bent to their work. Join us at OmniCorpDetroit for several cool demonstrations from the cool makers that work there.

OmniCorpDetroit is a collective of makers / entrepreneurs / doers / thinkers / creators / artists / designers / engineers / musicians. Since 2009, we work on projects, both commissioned and personal, and we learn and share together. In general, we're making, breaking, reshaping and hacking all sorts of things. We host events, give workshops, brainstorm with strangers, and collaborate with organizations for events and projects. Each member brings a different skill: some of us are techies, others are entrepreneurs, some of us are artists - but we're all "makers" and no project is like the last.


This is part of an initiative called Detroit Made by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center.  Detroit Made supports makers and design-focused craft-making and manufacturing in the Detroit area.  Keep an eye out for continued events and projects from Detroit Made.
21+ welcome

Register here with Eventbrite
Here's to the bright new future of ASID Michigan.


Your 2015 Board of Directors

President Cynthia Hensie, ASID
President Elect Jeff Kolp, Allied ASID
Member at Large Tina Rossi, Allied ASID
Membership Director Christina Bliss, ASID
Financial Director Rebecca L. Luckhardt, ASID Industry Partner
Professional Development Director Cynthia A. Hahn, Allied ASID
Communications Director Brittany Walsh, Allied ASID
Emerging Professional Director Korinne Ishmel, Allied ASID
Student Representative to the Board Eitan Mendelson, Student ASID

Quote of the Month
Brought to you by: Brittany Walsh

"Whether it's fine arts or music or architecture, the most compelling works are finessed and manipulated so subtly that you're barely aware of the artist's hand."
-Scott Johnson


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