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ASIPP 21 st Annual Meeting Next Week
Room Block Extended!
Join Us in Vegas! Come to the Annual Meeting on May 3-5!

The Annual ASIPP® meeting is one the most exciting and educational meetings in the world . We bring to you the most renown speakers who will deliver the highest caliber lectures. Th is year’s A nnual M eeting features 11 exemplary keynote speakers, more than 60 distinguished speakers, nearly 80 key topics – all related to interventional pain management .  
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ABIPP Part 1 Chicago, June 9
June 9 | Chicago, IL
The American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians ( ABIPP ) has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management
profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become ABIPP certified.

April 16 to April 30, fee is total of $3,000
No registrations after April 30
For complete information about the examination requirements and to obtain an application packet, visit or call 270-554-9412 x4217 or by email at
July 13 - July 14 | Memphis, TN
The American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians ( ABIPP ) has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management
profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become ABIPP certified.


May1 to May 15, 2019, fee is $2,000

May 16 to May 30, fee is total of $3,000

No registrations after May 30.

ABIPP now offers the only competency certification program for regenerative medicine.
For complete information about the examination requirements and to obtain an application packet, visit or call 270-554-9412 x4217 or by email at

July 13

July 13
July 13-14
July 14
ABIPP Competency Exam

July 13
Combined CSM/CCPM Exam for ABIPP Path
July 13
Competency Exam in Controlled Substance Management

July 13
Competency Exam in Coding, Compliance, and
Practice Management

July 13-14
Regenerative Medicine Competency Exam
July 13-14
Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression Competency Exam

939 Ridge Lake Blvd. | Memphis, TN 38120
The cut-off date for our room block with discounted rates is on June 10, 2019 or until sold out, whichever occurs first.
Please complete surveys on pain and substance use disorders

As one of the organizations in the AMA Opioid Task Force, ASIPP asks that you give 10-15 minutes of your time to complete these online surveys. The survey links below are live, and the surveys will close on Wednesday, May 8.
The first survey is focused on identifying barriers to optimal pain care:
The second survey is focused on identifying barriers to treatment for substance use disorders:  
ASIPP and the AMA will use the information to better understand how to reduce and remove these barriers. After the surveys are closed, the AMA and [insert organization] will review the data to determine most appropriate next steps. This analysis will likely take several weeks, but we will report back on our findings as soon as the analysis is complete.
Thank you for your support.

Interventional Pain Management Reports is an Open Access online journal, a peer-reviews journal dedicated to the publication of case reports, brief commentaries and reviews and letters to the editor. It is a peer-reviewed journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine. 

Interventional Pain Management Reports is an official publication of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and is a sister publication of Pain Physician . Interventional Pain Management Reports Interventional Pain Management Reports is an open access journal, available online with free full manuscripts.  

The benefits of publishing in an open access journal that has a corresponding
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  • Open Access journals are FREE to view, download and to print.

So submit today your:
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The NIH Hopes a New Study in 4 States Can Cut Opioid Deaths by 40%. Here's How
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Thursday announced an ambitious new study that’s meant to reduce opioid-related deaths by 40% in communities that have been hardest-hit by the ongoing epidemic.
The NIH awarded grants to four research sites — the University of Kentucky, Boston Medical Center, Columbia University and Ohio State University — through the three-year, $350 million project, called the HEALing Communities Study. Each site will test the effectiveness of various strategies for combating and preventing opioid addiction in at least 15 communities in those states that are struggling with widespread substance misuse, with the goal of reducing opioid deaths in these areas by 40% over three years, the NIH says.

Prior Authorization Bill Expected in Congress This Summer
Two House Republicans and a Democrat working on a draft

WASHINGTON -- Bipartisan legislation to ease the burden of prior authorization is expected to be introduced in the House this summer, a Republican staffer said.
"We've been working with [Reps.] Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) and Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.) on prior authorization," said Charlotte Pineda, healthcare advisor to Rep. Roger Marshall, MD (R-Kan.), an ob/gyn, during a conference on free-market healthcare here earlier this month.
"It's important to work across the aisle because you can actually get stuff done," she continued. "It's one thing to introduce a bill and another thing entirely to introduce it with members of the committee on which the bill has jurisdiction. So the three members hopefully will be introducing that later this summer." Kelly and DelBene are remembers of the House Ways & Means Committee, which would likely have jurisdiction over any prior authorization bill.

FDA Issues Warning for Illegal Marketing of Pharmacogenetic Tests

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to Inova Genomics Laboratory for the illegal marketing of pharmacogenetic tests for predicting medication response to antidepressants, opioids, cancer therapy, anesthesia, and diabetes treatments.
The warning letter describes how Inova’s MediMap tests are being falsely marketed to predict drug response to aid in making treatment decisions and avoid “trial-and-error prescribing.” In addition, the MediMap Baby test for newborns claims to predict response to 24 drugs to provide guidance in prescribing safer and more effective medications.
According to the FDA, no data are available to establish the validity of these tests for their intended uses. For some drugs, where proper usage can be guided by pharmacogenetic testing, the FDA reviews data showing a relationship between the drug’s effects and genetic variants and includes the information in the drug labeling. Inappropriate selection or modification of treatment based on unapproved genetic tests may cause potentially serious health issues for patients and worsening of the disease.

Rwanda Flies Medical Drones; We Get New ICD Codes
In the U.S., paperwork problems outpace healthcare's practical side
Earlier this week there was a story on the PBS NewsHour show about a revolutionary new way of delivering healthcare in rural Rwanda.
A company has developed a program to deliver blood products from a central repository out to the remote clinics where they were needed using drones instead of traditional ground transportation.
What once took several hours to get done -- taking plasma and blood products via motorbike over dirt roads -- could now be done in around 15 minutes.

2019 MIPS Reporting? Start Now.
MIPS-eligible clinicians must report a full year of data. Don’t fall behind – keep up with NIPM-QCDR.
MIPS 2019 has brought larger payment adjustments and greater reporting requirements, including a 365-day performance period for the Quality and Cost categories. The sooner you start your MIPS reporting for 2019, the better.
Sign up today to use ASIPP’s NIPM-QCDR for MIPS.
This powerful tool makes MIPS reporting easy through the use of our new patient-reported outcomes measures for 2019, which ease the burden on providers and reduces costly EMR integration.

Get started today at

Pain Physician
March/April 2019 Issue Features

Systematic Review
Ian D. Coulter, PhD, Cindy Crawford, BA, Howard Vernon, DC. PhD, Eric L. Hurwitz, DC. PhD, Raheleh Khorsan, PhD, Marika Suttorp Booth, MS, and Patricia M. Herman, ND, PhD

Systematic Review
Nitika Sanger, HBSc, Meha Bhatt, MSc, Nikhita Singhal, BHSc, Katherine Ramsden, MD, Natasha Baptist-Mohseni, BSc, Balpreet Panesar, BSc, Hamnah Shahid, BASc, Alannah Hillmer, BSc, Alessia D'Elia, BSc, Candice Luo, BHSc, Victoria Rogers, BSc, Abirami Arunan, HBSc, Lola Baker-Beal, BSc, Sean Haber, BSc, Jihane Henni, BSc, Megan Puckering, BSc, Sunny Sun, BSc, Kim Ng, BSc, Stephanie Sanger, MLIS, Natalia Mouravaska, MD, M. Constantine Samaan, MD, Russell de Souza, ScD, Lehana Thabane, PhD, and Zainab Samaan, PhD

Randomized Trial
Doo-Hwan Kim, MD, Myung-Su Lee, MD, Sookyung Lee, MD, Syn-Hae Yoon, MD, Jin-Woo Shin, MD, PhD, and Seong-Soo Choi, MD, PhD

Randomized Controlled Trial
Neerja Bharti, MD, John Sujith, MD, Navneet Singla, Mch, Nidhi B. Panda, MD, and Indu Bala, MD.

Americans are living longer — But we may not have enough physicians

The U.S. could face a shortage of nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032, according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges.
“The nation’s population is growing and aging, and as we continue to address population health goals like reducing obesity and tobacco use, more Americans will live longer lives. These factors and others mean we will need more doctors,” said AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD, in a news release. “Even with new ways of delivering care, America’s doctor shortage continues to remain real and significant.”
The new data is part of a fifth annual study conducted by the life sciences division of IHS Markit, a global information company, and includes insights on changes expected in the physician workforce by 2032.
Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Medicare Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) and Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTCH) Prospective Payment System Proposed Rule and Request for Information

On April 23, 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a rule that focuses the agency’s efforts on a singular objective: transforming the healthcare delivery system through competition and innovation to provide patients with better value and results. The proposed rule would update Medicare payment policies for hospitals under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) and the Long-Term Care Hospital (LTCH) Prospective Payment System (PPS) for fiscal year 2020. 
The proposed policies in the IPPS and LTCH PPS proposed rule would represent historic changes to the way rural hospitals are paid. These policies would support the agency’s priority of “Rethinking Rural Health” and help guarantee people living in rural America have access to high quality, affordable healthcare. The proposals would also help ensure that America continues to have access to a world-class healthcare system with access to potentially life-saving diagnostics and therapies by unleashing innovation in medical technology and removing barriers to competition.
This fact sheet discusses major provisions of the proposed rule. The deadline for submitting comments on the proposed rule is June 24, 2019.

Speech: Remarks by Administrator Seema Verma at the CMS National Forum on State Relief and Empowerment Waivers

It’s truly a pleasure to welcome you to the CMS National Forum on State Relief and Empowerment Waivers. It was just six months ago that President Trump stood where I’m standing today to announce the Administration’s new direction to lower prescription drug prices, making it very clear that in health care, it is not business as usual on his watch.
It's energizing to be in a room with state officials discussing the opportunities for locally-led reform. I'm glad to hear that we have members of the national press watching our live stream, who I hope take note.
If you spend too much time inside the beltway, it’s easy to become disconnected from the innovation happening in state capitols across the country.

Statement from FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs Melinda K. Plaisier, on agency’s new steps to strengthen the process of initiating voluntary recalls
Voluntary recalls are one of the most important safety tools overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They are a vital means to protect public health and typically are the quickest way to remove defective or potentially harmful food, medical, and consumer products from the market. The FDA plays an important role in the recall process, closely overseeing FDA-regulated companies during their voluntary recalls to help ensure public health is protected.
But our work doesn’t stop there. When it comes to recalls and how quickly they are executed, consumers depend on the FDA to protect their health and we work quickly because it could minimize consumer exposure to a health risk and prevent consumers from being injured. We know that in order for a recall to be effective and timely, it’s crucial that companies be prepared in advance to take all necessary steps for when a recall is initiated. That’s why the FDA’s work is also keenly focused on guiding companies on steps needed to ready their facilities and staff for possible recall situations. As part of these efforts, today we’re issuing a new draft guidance that, when finalized, will provide industry with clear information on ways to prepare, plan, and work with the FDA to ensure voluntary recalls are initiated properly and promptly.
First Generic Naloxone Nasal Spray Gets FDA Approval
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted final approval for the first generic version of Narcan (naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray; Adapt Pharma) to Teva Pharmaceuticals. The Agency had granted tentative approval to the Company’s Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) in June 2018.
Naloxone hydrochloride reverses the effects of opioids, including respiratory depression, sedation, and hypotension. In a statement announcing today’s approval, the FDA outlined steps to prioritize the review of additional generic applications “for products intended to treat opioid overdose.”

Feds to sue Sen. Steve Dickerson and other pain clinic owners over fraud, forgery allegations

Federal and state prosecutors are moving to file  lawsuits accusing Tennessee Sen. Steve Dickerson and other owners of a massive pain management company of defrauding the government with years of unjustified tests, dishonest billing and forged documents.
Their company, Comprehensive Pain Specialists, or CPS, allegedly profited so much from questionable drug tests that a corporate executive once said urine samples "smelled like money," according to newly unsealed federal court records. 

Sixty People Charged in Massive Opioid Painkiller Investigation
HealthDay News — Fifty-three medical professionals, including 31 doctors, are among the 60 people charged by U.S. authorities for their alleged involvement in the illegal prescribing and distribution of opioid painkillers.
The medical professionals are linked to about 350,000 prescriptions and 32 million pills in the largest ever takedown of illegal drug prescribers, according to U.S. Attorney Benjamin Glassman of Cincinnati, the Associated Press reported.
The doctors involved are “white-coated drug dealers,” said Robert Duncan, U.S. attorney for eastern Kentucky. In some cases, prescriptions were written in exchange for sex, investigators allege.

Louisville doctor indicted on Medicaid fraud charges in biggest sweep in US history

A Louisville pain doctor is among 53 physicians, pharmacists and other medical professionals charged Wednesday with health care fraud in the biggest sweep of its kind in U.S. history.
Dr. Christopher Nelson, with Louisville's Bluegrass Pain Consultants, has been indicted on federal charges of teaming with a pharmacy to defraud Medicare and Tricare, a health care program for military veterans, by inflating drug costs. Nelson is accused in a kickback and bribe scheme to funnel customers to Assured Rx for drugs used for pain, including controlled substances, according to the indictment unsealed this week.

State Society News 

July 12-14, 2019
GSIPP 2019 - 15th Annual Meeting & Pain Summit
The Cloister Hotel at Sea Island
Sea Island, GA
For more information, contact Karrie Kirwan at or Tara Morrison at or 770-613-0932.

July 26-28, 2019
PAIN 2019
West Virginia Society of Pain Physicians
Loews Miami Beach, FL

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