American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians | June 6, 2018
ASIPP Offers 4 Courses June 29 - 30 in Orlando

Introducing Advanced Neuromodulation Course!
This one day didactic and one day cadaver lab will be offered at the advanced level.

Attendance in the Neuromodulation Level is limited to 2 stations with just 4 physicians at each station.

The Neuromodulation Advanced Course will include the following procedures:
1. Spinal cord stimulator trial – Conventional leads
2. Spinal cord stimulator trial – Newer leads
3. Spinal cord stimulator implant
4. Spinal cord stimulator and DRG implant
5. Intrathecal Infusion System
6. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation 

HOTEL: Reservation Group Call-In Center
Toll Free: 1.866.360.7395
Local: 407.503.9276
Fax: 407.503.9208

HOTEL: Reservation Group Call-In Center
Toll Free: 1.866.360.7395
Local: 407.503.9276
Fax: 407.503.9208

HOTEL: Reservation Group Call-In Center
Toll Free: 1.866.360.7395
Local: 407.503.9276
Fax: 407.503.9208
Hospira Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall for Two Lots of Naloxone Hydrochloride Injection, USP, in the Carpuject™ Syringe System due to the Potential Presence of Particulate Matter

Hospira, Inc., a Pfizer company, is voluntarily recalling lots 72680LL and 76510LL of Naloxone Hydrochloride Injection, USP, 0.4 mg/mL, 1 mL in 2.5 mL, Carpuject Single-use cartridge syringe system (NDC 0409-1782-69), to the hospital/institution level due to the potential presence of embedded and loose particulate matter on the syringe plunger.
In the event that impacted product is administered to a patient, the patient has a low likelihood of experiencing adverse events ranging from local irritation, allergic reactions, phlebitis, end-organ granuloma, tissue ischemia, pulmonary emboli, pulmonary dysfunction, pulmonary infarction, and toxicity. The risk is reduced by the possibility of detection, as the labeling contains a clear statement directing visual inspection of the product for particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration. To date, Hospira, Inc. has not received reports of any adverse events associated with this issue for these lots.

Unintended consequences: Inside the fallout of America’s crackdown on opioids

The morning of the long drive, a drive he took every month now, Kenyon Stewart rose from the living room recliner and winced in pain. He looked outside, at the valley stretching below his trailer, and again wondered whether it was getting time to end it. He believed living was a choice, and this was how he considered making his: A trip to the gun store. A purchase of a Glock 9mm. An answer to a problem that didn’t seem to have one.
Stewart is 49 years old. He has long silver hair and an eighth-grade education. For the past four years, he has taken large amounts of prescription opioids, ever since a surgery to replace his left hip, ruined by decades of trucking, left him with nerve damage. In the time since, his life buckled. First he lost his job. Then his house, forcing a move across the state to this trailer park. Then began a monthly drive of 367 miles, back to his old pain clinic, for an opioid prescription that no doctor nearby would write.

Midwest SIPP Meeting June 9-10 in Chicago

We ​would ​like ​to ​take ​this ​opportunity ​to ​welcome ​you ​to ​an ​exciting ​new ​Interventional ​Pain ​Meeting, ​the ​First ​Annual ​Midwest ​SIPP ​Meeting. ​Midwest ​SIPP ​is ​in ​collaboration ​with ​Illinois, ​Indiana, ​Kentucky, ​Michigan, ​Missouri, ​Wisconsin, ​and ​Iowa ​Societies ​of ​Interventional ​Pain ​Physicians. ​This ​meeting ​will ​invite ​participation ​from ​physicians ​from ​all ​of ​these ​states, ​plus, ​academic ​and ​private ​practice ​physicians ​from ​across ​the ​United ​States. 

We ​hope ​to ​foster ​a ​collegial ​environment ​where ​all ​the ​practicing ​fellowships ​can ​interact ​and ​share ​ideas ​with ​other ​academic ​and ​private ​physicians. ​The ​first ​meeting ​will ​take ​place ​in ​Chicago, ​Illinois, ​June ​9-10, ​2018. ​Our ​goal ​is ​to ​present ​cutting ​edge, ​information ​to ​practitioners ​of ​all ​levels ​and ​provide ​a ​forum ​to ​interact ​and ​discuss ​evidence ​based ​medicine ​to ​improve ​the ​quality ​of ​care ​and ​access ​to ​care ​for ​patients. ​There ​will ​be ​many ​opportunities ​for ​you ​to ​network ​with ​colleagues ​from ​across ​the ​Midwest ​and ​the ​United ​States, ​and ​attend ​educational ​sessions ​to ​expand ​your ​knowledge ​on ​current ​available ​treatment ​options ​to ​patients ​and ​practitioners. 

The courses are intended to present interventional pain management specialists, nurses, and other healthcare providers an in-depth review of multiple areas of interventional pain management.

Discuss established and evolving concepts in interventional pain management: • Interventional Techniques • Regenerative Medicine • Spinal Cord Stimulation • Spinal Endoscopic Decompression • Minimally Invasive Interventional Therapies • Coding, Billing, and Compliance • Managing Burnout • Discuss Present and Future Healthcare Environment

Participants in the MidWest SIPP Conference will learn to operate comprehensive interventional pain care centers more efficiently, so that patients will receive the best care available. They should leave with greater knowledge of interventional pain management as it applies to their patients and practice.

The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago
909 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Click HERE to Register!
Vanderbilt University Medical Center points to Epic rollout for 60% drop in operating income

Nashville, Tenn.-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center saw revenues increase in the first nine months of fiscal year 2018, but the hospital ended the period with lower operating income.
Here are four things to know about the hospital's most recent financial results.
1. VUMC reported revenues of $3.04 billion in the nine months ended March 31, up from revenues of $2.85 billion in the same period of the year prior, according to recently released bondholder documents . The hospital said the financial boost was primarily attributable to higher net patient service revenue, which climbed 5 percent year over year.
2. The hospital's operating expenses increased 9 percent year over year to nearly $3 billion in the first nine months of the current fiscal year. The hospital's expenses related to salaries, wages and benefits, as well as drug and supplies costs, increased year over year.

New York City physician sues former patient for $1M over negative Yelp review

Joon Song, MD, an OB-GYN in New York City, has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a former patient who posted negative reviews of the physician online, according to CBS New York .
The former patient, Michelle Levine, visited Dr. Song once in August for an annual exam. After the visit, Ms. Levine claims she was billed for an "ultrasound and a new patient visit" when she should have been billed for an annual exam. Ms. Levine said she did receive an ultrasound, but she did not learn until after her visit that an ultrasound is not part of an annual exam, according to  Newsweek
Ms. Levine said she complained to Dr. Song's office, but the bill was not corrected. Ms. Levine then left critical reviews of the office's business practices on various websites, including Yelp, Zocdoc and Healthgrades. In her initial Yelp review, Ms. Levine said she was the victim of "medical billing fraud." She also referred to Dr. Song as a "crook" and "scam artist" in the reviews, according to Newsweek. 

Association Between Industry Payments and Opioid Prescribing

Non-research industry payments to physicians may be associated with increases in opioid prescribing rates, according to a study published in  JAMA Internal Medicine .
Investigators analyzed data from 2 US databases, the Open Payments database, to determine all non-research payment from pharmaceutical companies to physicians during 2014, and the Medicare Part D Opioid Prescriber Summary File, to gather all claims from physicians who wrote opioid prescriptions filled for Medicare beneficiaries during 2015.
A total of 369,139 physicians who met study criteria  prescribed opioids  in 2015. The previous year, 25,767 of these physicians (7%) received 105,368 non-research opioid-related payments totaling $9,071,976. Marketing “payments” included speaking fees and/or honoraria, travel, meals, consulting fees, and education.

Who's at Risk for an Opioid Overdose?
Study finds measures of opioid misuse predict future opioid overdose, death

The current issue of  Annals of Internal Medicine  examines patterns of potential opioid misuse that are associated with subsequent adverse outcomes nationally.
Researchers  analyzed a 5% sample of Medicare beneficiaries who had an opioid prescription, without a cancer diagnosis. Specifically the team sought to correlate a diagnosis of opioid overdose with other measures of opioid misuse, including:
  • Drug quantity
  • Overlapping prescriptions
  • Use of multiple prescribers or pharmacies
  • Use of out-of-state prescribers or pharmacies

Interventional Pain Management Reports is an Open Access online journal, a peer-reviews journal dedicated to the publication of case reports, brief commentaries and reviews and letters to the editor. It is a peer-reviewed journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine. 

Interventional Pain Management Reports is an official publication of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and is a sister publication of Pain Physician . Interventional Pain Management Reports Interventional Pain Management Reports is an open access journal, available online with free full manuscripts.  

The benefits of publishing in an open access journal that has a corresponding
print edition journal are:  
  • Your article will have the potential to obtain more citations.
  • Your article will be peer-reviewed and published faster than other journals.
  • Your article can be read by a potentially much larger audience compared with traditional subscription-only journals.  
  • Open Access journals are FREE to view, download and to print.

So submit today your:
  • Case Reports
  • Technical Reports
  • Editorials
  • Short Perspectives

Essentials of Interventional Techniques in Managing Chronic Pain Available for Order!
  • Comprehensive textbook of interventional techniques in managing chronic pain
  • Covers spinal interventional techniques, peripheral nerve blocks, sympathetic interventional techniques, soft tissue and joint injections and implantables
  • Step-by-step guidance backed up by the latest evidence

This comprehensive review covers the full and latest array of interventional techniques for managing chronic pain. Chapters are grouped by specific treatment modalities that include spinal interventional techniques, nonspinal and peripheral nerve blocks, sympathetic interventional techniques, soft tissue and joint injections, and implantables. Practical step-by-step and evidence-based guidance is given to each approach in order to improve the clinician's understanding. Innovative and timely, Essentials of Interventional Techniques in Managing Chronic Pain is a critical resource for anesthesiologists, neurologists, and rehabilitation and pain physicians.

Prior Authorization Policy May Help Reduce Long-Acting Opioid Use

A prior authorization policy for extended-release/long-acting opioids may help reduce the number of opioid-naive patients who initiate extended-release/long-acting opioid use but may also increase the rate of short-acting opioid prescriptions, according to a study published in  Addiction .
Investigators conducted a retrospective study to examine the effects of a prior authorization policy on prescription drug use, opioid-related  emergency department visits , and hospitalizations. They used a difference-in-differences approach to compare the fee-for-service Medicaid programs implemented in Oklahoma (intervention) and Oregon (control).

Blog: Face Patients not Computers
Clear your mind from the distracting requirements and observe the person in front of you

After a Harvard endocrinology course several years ago, I walked out into the weak afternoon spring sunshine and crossed the street to the Boston Public Garden. Among the multitude of faces of the other flaneurs I was certain I saw scores of people suffering from endocrine diseases -- probably undiagnosed, I thought to myself. I saw tall men with big jaws, typical of acromegaly; stout women with skinny extremities and the flushed, puffy cheeks so typical of Cushing's syndrome; hirsute, heavyset younger women sure to have polycystic ovary syndrome; long-legged beardless men, who seemed classic for Klinefelter's; and other people I suspected to have Graves' disease, Turner syndrome, hyperaldosteronism, Addison's disease, and, oh, so many other obvious endocrinopathies.
Then back home, as the months and years passed, and as the never-ending presentations of chief complaints continued, my internal search for and classification of possible endocrine diagnoses began to take second place in my hierarchy of what I needed to do.

May/June 2018 Issue Features

Systematic Reviews
  • Role of Unilateral Balloon Kyphoplasty for OVCSF
Comprehensive Review
  • Patters, Changes, and Trends in Prescription Opioid Dispensing in Canada
  • Stem Cells for the Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
Randomized Trials
  • Effect of Different Volumes on Pain Relief in Patients Receiving Fluoroscopic Guided Interlaminar Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections
  • Noninferiority Trial Comparing Upper and Lower One-Third Joint Approaches for SI Join Injections
  • Efficacy and Safety of Bone-filling Mesh Container and Simple Percutaneous Balloon Kyphoplasty


United States Obtains $114 Million Judgment Against Three Individuals for Paying Kickbacks for Laboratory Referrals and Causing Claims for Medically Unnecessary Tests
On May 23, 2018, the United States District Court in the District of South Carolina entered judgment for the United States in the amounts of $111,109,655.30 against defendants LaTonya Mallory, Floyd Calhoun Dent III and Robert Bradford Johnson, and for an additional $3,039,006.56 against Johnson and Dent, the Department of Justice announced today. The judgment follows the January 31, 2018, jury verdict finding the three individuals liable for violating the False Claims Act (FCA) by paying remuneration to physicians in exchange for patient referrals, in violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute, and causing two laboratories to bill federal health care programs for medically unnecessary testing. 
“Improper financial relationships between physicians and laboratories can distort a physicians’ best judgment for their patients, in addition to undermining patient health and trust,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil Division Chad Readler. “Executives and other individuals who break the law will be held personally accountable for their actions." 

State Society News 
June 9-10, 2018
Midwest Societies of Interventional Pain Management Meeting
State Societies from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Iowa .
Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago
Early registration rates are available through 5/19/18 - REGISTER NOW.
Hotel accommodations are available at the conference facility the Chicago Westin, Michigan Avenue. The link for rooms in the hotel block is available at:   MidWest SIPP hotel reservations

July 19-22, 2018
FSIPP 2018 Annual Meeting, Conference, and Trade Show
Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
One South County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480
Click Here for more information

July 14, 2018
WVSIPP launches Regional Conference Series, WV PainCare
The West Virginia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians has created an educational series titled WV PainCare.
Huntington, WV - July 14, 2018
Lewisburg/Beckley, WV - October 20, 2018
Morgantown, WV - December 1, 2018
Click HERE for more information

Aug 17-19, 2018
Ohio and Kentucky SIPP Meeting
Click HERE for more information

July 12-14, 2019
GSIPP 2019 - 15th Annual Meeting & Pain Summit
The Cloister Hotel at Sea Island
Sea Island, GA
For more information, contact Karrie Kirwan at or Tara Morrison at or 770-613-0932.

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