Doctor Pleads Guilty To Accepting Bribes To Prescribe Powerful Opioid Fentanyl
A doctor who practiced in New Jersey and Pennsylvania pleaded guilty today for his participation in a scheme to receive over $140,000 in bribes and kickbacks from a pharmaceutical company in exchange for prescribing large volumes of a powerful fentanyl narcotic.
Kenneth Sun, M.D., 58, of Easton, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and to pay and receive health care kickbacks before U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson of the District of New Jersey. Sentencing has been scheduled for Feb. 26, 2020, before Judge Thompson. 
Kenneth Sun, MD
The ASIPP ® 2020 Annual Meeting will be held
April 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas
This will be the 22nd annual meeting for ASIPP ® and is being held in conjunction with the Texas Pain Society . The Annual Meeting will be tailored to physicians, mid-level providers, and staff.

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Chronic Opioids and Sleep: What Prescribers Need to Know
There are a lot of issues with sleep going unnoticed

 Chronic opioid therapy can alter sleep architecture and increase the risk for sleep-disordered breathing, and this is a critical point primary care physicians and other providers need to know, according to a new American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) position statement.
Screening and testing can help identify patients using chronic opioids who are at risk for sleep problems, and treatment can improve their health and well-being, said Ilene Rosen, MD, MS, of the University of Pennsylvania, and co-authors.
Approximately one in seven Americans report recently experiencing severe headaches. In fact, in hospital settings, headaches and head pains together are the fourth most common reason for visits to the emergency department. Even if you have never had a headache severe enough to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office or receive a formal diagnosis, it is likely that you have experienced a lesser headache at least once in your life. What is the difference? How can we best manage the ensuing pain? In this article, we will take a brief look at the different kinds of headache and proven strategies for dealing with them.


Title: Orofacial Pain
 Fee: $175
Date: Friday December 6
 Time: 1:30pm-3pm PST
Dr. Marisa Chang  
Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Department of Neurology

Please join us for an informative webinar on Orofacial Pain. Pain in the head, face, and teeth is one of the most common pain complaints. An overview on how to approach the orofacial pain patient is presented here.

  • How to diagnose and evaluate TMJ
  • How to diagnose and treat clenching and grinding
  • How to diagnose and treat trigeminal neuralgia
  • How to diagnose and treat atypical facial pain

Medical pain management and interventional techniques will be outlined and taught
You will learn how to perform an efficient orofacial pain exam in your office.

Dr. Marisa Chang
Dr. Chang is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Department of Neurology and UCLA School of Dentistry. 
She has received numerous teaching awards and was voted by the UCLA medical students as the best resident teacher in the Department of Neurology. She has lectured extensively on the pathophysiology and treatment of all forms of headache and pain. 
Dr. Chang is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is on the American Headache Society’s section of Interventional Pain Management.
 Dr. Chang specializes in treating patients with:  Headaches and Migraines Orofacial Pain (facial pain) Chronic Pain , other neurological disorders using minimally invasive Interventional Pain Management techniques.
Medicare Advantage Enrollees Discover Dirty Little Secret
Getting out is a lot harder than getting in
Like many of the 22 million seniors now enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, Tom Mills belatedly discovered its dirty little secret.

Also called Part C, these plans can cover a broad array of health services at low cost -- that is, until one gets sick, at which point out-of-pocket costs can soar. But once in an MA plan, getting out can be even less affordable.
After Mills underwent a mitral valve repair and suffered a mild stroke with no lasting effects, the San Diego resident's plan now charges him hundreds of dollars in monthly copays for drugs and other medical services. He had to pay $295 a night for his hospital stay.

But there was a much bigger shock. Mills, 71, learned that switching out of his MA plan will incur exorbitantly higher costs the next time he needs a serious medical intervention. If he moves to traditional Medicare and a prescription plan, he still needs a supplemental Medigap plan to pick up his 20% copays and deductibles.

Study on Cannabis Laws Revisited, Relationship to Reduced Opioid Deaths Does Not Hold Up
A group of researchers repeated a well-known 2014 study that purported to show a correlation between the relaxing of cannabis laws and a drop in opioid overdose deaths. When the original study—which spanned from 1999 to 2010—was modified to include data up until 2017, that trend reversed in the new study.

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The 2020 Annual Meeting Abstract Submission form is now available! Abstracts must be submitted by February 17, 2020.

Final CMS Payment Rules for Interventional Pain Physicians In-Office, ASC, and HOPD Settings
ASIPP ® and SIPMS will be sending comment letters to CMS. You may also send comment letters to them on these payment rules no later than 5pm EST on December 2, 2019. CMS released all 3 payment rules on November 1, 2019.
Here are the links to Payment rates for major IPM codes:
Pain Physician November/December
2019 Articles Available Online Now
The November/December issue of Pain Physician features a Health Policy article on the changes in utilization of interventional techniques in the Medicare population, a look at opioid prescribing in Switzerland, and opioid prescribing training in fellowship programs in the US, as well as several systematic reviews, randomized trials and original research.

Update on Reversal and Decline of Growth of Utilization of
Interventional Techniques In Managing Chronic Pain in the
Medicare Population from 2000 to 2018
Laxmaiah Manchikanti, MD; Mahendra Sanapati, MD; Vidyasagar Pampati, MS; Mark V. Boswell, MD, PhD; Alan D. Kaye, MD, PhD; Joshua A. Hirsch, MD


Opioid Prescription in Switzerland:
Appropriate Comedication use in Cancer and Noncancer Pain
Maria M. Wertli, MD, PhD; Ulrike Held, PhD; Andri Signorell, MSC; Johann Steurer, MD; Eva Blozik, MD; Jakob M. Burgstaller, MD, PhD

What are Future Pain Physicians Learning? A Survey of
Opioid Prescribing Practices Among US Pain Fellowship Programs
Ferdinand Iannaccone, DO; Peter Nielson, MD; Hazeez Adigun, MD; Andrew Kaufman, MD

ABIPP Recognizes Your Knowledge and Expertise

The American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians ( ABIPP ) has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become ABIPP certified.

ABIPP now offers the only competency certification program for regenerative medicine.
For complete information about the examination requirements and to obtain an application packet, visit or call 270-554-9412 x4217 or by email at .
ABIPP Part I  
  • Combined CSM/CCPM Exam for ABIPP Path
  • Competency Exam in Controlled Substance Management
  • Competency Exam in Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management
JUNE 27-28
  • ABIPP Competency Exam
  • Regenerative Medicine Competency Exam
  • Endoscopic Lumbar Decompression Competency Exam
939 Ridge Lake Blvd.,
Memphis, Tennessee 38120

June 27 - June 28, 2020 | Hilton Memphis
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BioDelivery Sciences Appoints Dr. Vanila Singh, Former Chief Medical Officer of Health and Human Services, to its Board of Directors
 Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Pain and Peri-operative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Singh is renowned for her expertise in molecular science, clinical management and national health policy
RALEIGH, N.C., Nov. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. ( BDSI ), a rapidly growing commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to patients living with chronic conditions, today announced that it has named Vanila M. Singh, M.D., MACM, to its Board of Directors.

Dr. Singh is currently a Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Pain and Peri-operative Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and is a teaching mentor at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Dr. Singh is the immediate past Chief Medical Officer of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and served as Chairperson of the Inter-Agency Pain Management Best Practices Task Force, chartered by Congress and involving multiple federal health agencies, professional medical organizations, and patient advocacy groups to guide the medical community and key stakeholders in optimal patient care in a growing and complex national health matter.

Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in
Interventional Pain Management

Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional Pain Management is a book to bring concise, collective, and comprehensive information to interventional pain physicians practicing regenerative medicine in managing chronic pain. Regenerative medicine is an integral part of interventional pain management within the definitions of interventional pain management and interventional techniques.

Interventional Pain Management Reports is an Open Access online journal, a peer-reviews journal dedicated to the publication of case reports, brief commentaries and reviews and letters to the editor. It is a peer-reviewed journal written by and directed to an audience of interventional pain physicians, clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in interventional pain management and pain medicine. 

Interventional Pain Management Reports is an official publication of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and is a sister publication of Pain Physician . Interventional Pain Management Reports Interventional Pain Management Reports is an open access journal, available online with free full manuscripts.  

So submit today your:
  • Case Reports
  • Technical Reports
  • Editorials
  • Short Perspectives

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