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ASIPP Virtual Review Courses – Informative, Convenient,
and Cost-effective

On June 13-14 ASIPP held our first virtual review course. The Documentation, Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management course was a huge success! 

Up next is the ASIPP Controlled Substance Management course. This 2-day course will provide 20 CME credits, 22 exciting lectures, and 16 expert presenters. All of this in the comfort and convenience of your own home! No travel! No hotels! - Just you and your computer or smart device in the viewing setting of your choice. 

This course fulfills the various state board requirement for controlled substance CMEs and is relevant to all specialties, not just IPM.

We offer discounts to our already reasonably priced meetings to ASIPP members, residents/fellows ($50), and medical students ($10).  Click here for full pricing .

Reserve your spot in this course today by clicking on the following link. Register:   ASIPP's CSM Virtual Review Course

Additional Course

(Note* This course takes place over two weekends (Friday evening through Sunday) in order to fulfill the necessary topics)
ABIPP Recognizes Your Knowledge and Expertise
The  American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians  ( ABIPP )  has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become  ABIPP  certified.
ABIPP  now offers the only competency   certification program for regenerative medicine.

ABIPP Part I  - Theoretical written exam - October 3
ABIPP Part II   - Oral and Hands-on practical exam - October 3-4
ABIPP Competency Exam  - includes written, oral, and hands-on practical examinations October 3-4
Combined CSM/CCPM Exam for ABIPP Path   – October 3
Competency Exam in Controlled Substance Management – October 3
Competency Exam in Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management - October 3
Regenerative Medicine Competency Exam  - includes written, oral, and hands-on practical examinations – October 3-4
For complete information about the examination requirements and to obtain an application packet, visit  or call 270-554-9412 x4217 or by email at .

May/June 2020 Issue Available
In this issue, Pain Physician includes randomized trials on cervical plexus blocks for endarterectomy, pulsed radiofrequency for hemiplegic shouldr pain, ultrasound-guided injection for meralgia paresthetica, and more.
Randomized Trial
Emiliano Petrucci, MD, Vincenza Cofini, MD, Barbara Pizzi, MD, Rosaria Coletta, MD, Angelo Geremia Blasetti, MD, Stefano Necozione, MD, Pierfrancesco Fusco, MD, and Franco Marinangeli, MD.
Randomized Trial
Ebru Alanbay, MD, Berke Aras, MD, Serdar Kesikburun, MD, Selvinaz Kizilirmak, MD, Evren Yasar, MD, and Arif Kenan Tan, MD.

Randomized Trial
Selda Kiliç, MD, Feyza Ünlü Özkan, MD, Duygu Geler Külcü, MD, Gülcan Öztürk, MD, Pinar Akpinar, MD, and Ilknur Aktas, MD.

Randomized Trial
Botao Liu, MD, Yang Yang, MD, Zhongyi Zhang, MD, Haining Wang, MD, Bifa Fan, MD, and Lei Sima, MD.

ASIPP's Response to CDC Proposed Revision of
Opioid Guidelines
There have been numerous changes since the CDC guidelines were first published. During this time, HHS Inter-Agency Task Force developed Pain Management Best Practices: Updates, Gaps, Inconsistencies, and Recommendations. This is an excellent document with significant importance to interventional pain management. Yesterday, ASIPP sent a letter of response to the CDC with the following requests: 
1. Please utilize the Inter-Agency Task Force recommendations in its entirety for opioid prescribing, interventional techniques including neuromodulation.
2. Please postpone the final decision due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
3. Please include the practitioner community along with CMS officials.
4. Please consider and include only the systematic reviews and guidelines performed by experts in the pain management field and relevant societies developing evidence-based guidelines.


Surviving the COVID-19 Epidemic: Protecting Family and Employees and Managing Financial Issues and Burnout – PART 2

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic: Practical Advice Every Pain Physician Needs to Know – PART 1
Influence of perceived threat of Covid-19 and HEXACO personality traits on toilet paper stockpiling
Following the fast spread of Covid-19 across Europe and North America in March 2020, many people started stockpiling commodities like toilet paper. Despite the high relevance for public authorities to adequately address stockpiling behavior, empirical studies on the psychological underpinnings of toilet paper stockpiling are still scarce. In this study, we investigated the relation between personality traits, perceived threat of Covid-19, and stockpiling of toilet paper in an online survey (N = 996) across 22 countries. Results suggest that people who felt more threatened by Covid-19 stockpiled more toilet paper. Further, a predisposition towards Emotionality predicted the perceived threat of Covid-19 and affected stockpiling behavior indirectly. Finally, Conscientiousness was related to toilet paper stockpiling, such that individuals higher in Conscientiousness tended to stockpile more toilet paper. These results emphasize the importance of clear communication by public authorities acknowledging anxiety and, at the same time, transmitting a sense of control.

COVID-19 Changes to Telehealth Rules Should Stick, Senator Says
Rules on the originating site and coverage of more services are on the table

WASHINGTON -- Congress should make permanent some of the changes in telehealth policy that were enacted to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, said Wednesday.

Of the 31 temporary changes in federal telehealth policy made due to the pandemic, three are particularly important, Alexander said: allowing physician reimbursement for telehealth regardless of the patient's location or "originating site" -- including for patients who are at home; allowing Medicare and Medicaid to reimburse providers for nearly twice as many types of telehealth services as before, including emergency department visits, initial nursing facility visits and discharges, and therapy services; and allowing doctors to conduct appointments using common apps like FaceTime or texting, or even visits via landline phone, which required relaxing federal privacy and security rules from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Finally: Common Drug Improves COVID-19 Survival in Trial
A ground-breaking development," according to preliminary data from an ongoing trial

Dexamethasone, the familiar glucocorticoid, reduced deaths in hospitalized COVID-19 patients with severe disease by one-third compared to those receiving usual care, according to  topline interim results from the RECOVERY trial  released early Tuesday.

Deaths in the dexamethasone arm were reduced by one-third (RR 0.65, 95% CI 0.48-0.88, P=0.0003) among patients receiving mechanical ventilation, and by one-fifth (RR 0.80, 95% CI 0.67-0.96, P=0.0021) among patients requiring oxygen versus patients receiving usual care, according to a statement from the study's authors.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Case Surveillance — United States, January 22–May 30, 2020
What is already known about this topic?
Surveillance data reported to CDC through April 2020 indicated that COVID-19 leads to severe outcomes in older adults and those with underlying health conditions.

What is added by this report?
As of May 30, 2020, among COVID-19 cases, the most common underlying health conditions were cardiovascular disease (32%), diabetes (30%), and chronic lung disease (18%). Hospitalizations were six times higher and deaths 12 times higher among those with reported underlying conditions compared with those with none reported.

What are the implications for public health practice?
Surveillance at all levels of government, and its continued modernization, is critical for monitoring COVID-19 trends and identifying groups at risk for infection and severe outcomes. These findings highlight the continued need for community mitigation strategies, especially for vulnerable populations, to slow COVID-19 transmission.
ASIPP ® Partners with Fedora Billing And Revenue Cycle
Management Company 
ASIPP is now able to offer unique benefits for revenue cycle management with billing, etc.

Fedora is a company known to many of our board members and others. ASIPP ® has reached an agreement with Fedora to provide exclusive discounts on billing or revenue cycle management that will decrease practice costs and promote growth, or at least stop deterioration. It is not just a billing company; they streamline the billing and receivable process and constantly update payor regulations keeping your practice up to on date on a daily basis. 

You may view the ASIPP ® billing program website at the following link:  

Some of the ASIPP ® Billing Program highlights are below:
Up to 50% savings for ASIPP ® members for their billing or revenue cycle management for their offices and surgery centers:
  • Expertise in interventional pain management billing for all types of services
  • 99% Clearing House Rate
  • 95% First-Time Claim Passage
  • 23.4 Average Days in A/R
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification 
  • Pre-Certification/Prior Authorization
  • Denials and A/R Management 
Join The Group Purchasing Organization Today
ASIPP ® has formed a partnership with Henry Schein and PedsPal , a national GPO that has a successful history of negotiating better prices on medical supplies and creating value added services for the independent physician. Working with MedAssets, PedsPal provides excellent pricing on products like contrast media that alleviate some of the financial pressures you experience today. While the cost of contrast media has skyrocketed due to the single dose vial issue, because we have partnered with Henry Schein, this could enable you to purchase Omnipaque 240mg/50mL for slightly above $4.50.

It will be easy for  ASIPP ® members in good standing to enroll today and begin to realize the savings this partnership can bring. Members can join or see sample prices by going to    

Click on “view our discounted supplier prices” (Username:ASIPPmember and Password: Save) or click on the words "join for free now" and begin saving today!
ASIPP Members Asked to Respond to Survey

Survey of Practice Parameters of Physicians Trialing and Implanting Spinal Cord Stimulators

We are asking you to take part in an online research study being done by the pain department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This study has qualified for exempt status by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Institutional Review Board. Your participation in this survey is strictly voluntary. Note that there are no foreseeable risks associated with this study. Data will be analyzed in aggregate form and no information will be collected that could personally identify you. Importantly, your privacy will be maintained in all published and written data. The data will be stored as required by journal and professional standards.

If you choose to be in the study, you will complete an online survey. This survey will help us learn more about the practice parameters of pain physicians who perform spinal cord stimulator trials or implants.
The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional
Pain Management
Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional Pain Management is a book to bring concise, collective, and comprehensive information to interventional pain physicians practicing regenerative medicine in managing chronic pain. Regenerative medicine is an integral part of interventional pain management within the definitions of interventional pain management and interventional techniques.

Each chapter contains an introduction of the subject, historical context,pathophysiology, applicability of regenerative medicine with its evidence base, indications, anatomy, technical aspects, complications, and precautions for each topic when available and applicable. This comprehensive book consists of 35 chapters, more than 350 figures, and 50 tables.
| ORDER | Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in IPM
Pass your Pain Boards. Guaranteed!

We guarantee that you pass your pain examination or the next year is on us! Find out why 3000 pain physicians became board certified because of us.

PainExam also offers preparation for the ABIPP Pain Management Board Exam!  
In addition, PainExam has now collaborated with ASIPP and offer 2 new programs:
The Virtual Ultrasound Training Series starting Wednesday June 17, 2020 and the Regenerative Medicine for Spine Disease course
Control Your Waiting Room TV

Customized waiting room TV exclusively for ASIPP ® members. Create your own ad-free television broadcasts using our videos, custom informational slides and your own YouTube videos. Even add local weather reports, news and live messages.
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