Know Your Risk' For COVID-19 Chart Released By Texas Medical Association
The  Texas Medical Association released  a new chart to break down the risk of contracting COVID-19 with certain activities.

The 'Know Your Risk' chart ranks common activities on a scale of 1 to 9. One indicates low risk, such as pumping gasoline or getting restaurant takeout.

Grocery shopping, having dinner at someone else's house and swimming in a public pool are considered moderate risks.

Going to a hair salon or barbershop, traveling by plane, working out at a gym and going to a bar all range within the Moderate-High to High risk category.
Virtual learning makes learning and earning credit hours easier and more cost-effective. You get great speakers, informative presentations, and 46.75 credit hours from one virtual meeting. No travel. Just watch from your home or office. ASIPP® is offering a series of virtual courses like the upcoming, Board Review Course, July 17-19 and July 24-26, 2020. We hope you'll review the schedule and decide to register . Please join us.
ASIPP® Converts Annual Meeting 2020 To A Virtual Meeting

Due to unavoidable circumstances related to COVID-19, ASIPP is converting its annual meeting scheduled September 4-6, 2020, in Dallas, Texas to a virtual meeting. This will provide you with many advantages:
  • There will be no traveling, which will save not only expenses, but also on 2 days of working. There is no worry about staying in the hotels and also no worries about contracting COVID-19.
  • This will provide you year-round online experience with a wealth of education and CME’s. Even though we are going to miss seeing you in person, the meeting will provide many of the same great benefits but in a virtual environment.
  • The schedule will remain pretty much the same with world-renowned speakers on relevant subjects of interventional pain management, COVID-19 interfacing with interventional pain management, and many other subjects including opioids and regenerative medicine.
  • The meeting continues to offer popular presentations by the past president, current president, and other presidents, along with the President of Texas Society, and the role of women in IPM.
  • The meeting starts with an excellent presentation on public relations and marketing in the COVID-era by a well-known figure in the industry, Randy Alvarez, President and CEO of Wellness Hour.

We are excited to let you know that ASIPP’s virtual annual meeting will offer a wealth of Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunities that members value. Further, we will provide you with cutting edge discussions on various subjects. Above all, we will also provide free videos for you to watch for one-month. After that, they will be sold for a small cost, which you can watch for up to twelve months after the meeting.
Some have been saying that the virtual annual meeting is the way to go, as you can personalize your experience by creating your own library of favorites and sharing these with others.
We would like to thank all keynote speakers and others for planning such a great program for the annual meeting. Some sessions have been changed or removed to fit with the virtual experience but it will be a robust and rich experience for all who take part.
ABIPP Recognizes Your Knowledge and Expertise
The  American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians  ( ABIPP ) has developed certification programs that recognize accepted levels of knowledge and expertise in the interventional pain management profession, with the goal of improved patient care. Hundreds of qualified physicians have made the commitment to become  ABIPP  certified.
ABIPP  now offers the only competency
certification program for regenerative medicine.

For complete information about the examination requirements and to obtain an application packet, visit  or call 270-554-9412 x4217 or by email at .

ABIPP Part I  - Theoretical written exam - October 3
ABIPP Part II  - Oral and Hands-on practical exam - October 3-4
ABIPP Competency Exam  - includes written, oral, and hands-on practical examinations October 3-4
Combined CSM/CCPM Exam for ABIPP Path  – October 3
Competency Exam in Controlled Substance Management – October 3
Competency Exam in Coding, Compliance, and Practice Management - October 3
Regenerative Medicine Competency Exam  - includes written, oral, and hands-on practical examinations – October 3-4
Preparing for Fall's Second Wave -- and Then Some
— When COVID-19 and flu season coexist, we need the right tests to tell which is which

Long ago, when I was a resident, I worked an overnight emergency room shift and saw a patient who presented with episodes of shortness of breath both at rest and on exertion.

As a fairly freshly minted new intern, I was still definitely getting the hang of things, and probably took way longer to do my history and physical exam, before I was finally ready to present to the attending who was staffing the emergency department that night. Maybe I wasn't very good at taking a history back then, and I may have missed some critical questions that needed to be asked or hadn't ordered the right tests, but I remember finishing up my evaluation and still not really being sure what was going on with this patient .

May/June 2020
Issue Available
In this issue, Pain Physician includes randomized trials on cervical plexus blocks for endarterectomy, pulsed radiofrequency for hemiplegic shoulder pain, ultrasound-guided injection for meralgia paresthetica, and more.
Randomized Trial
Emiliano Petrucci, MD, Vincenza Cofini, MD, Barbara Pizzi, MD, Rosaria Coletta, MD, Angelo Geremia Blasetti, MD, Stefano Necozione, MD, Pierfrancesco Fusco, MD, and Franco Marinangeli, MD.
Randomized Trial
Ebru Alanbay, MD, Berke Aras, MD, Serdar Kesikburun, MD, Selvinaz Kizilirmak, MD, Evren Yasar, MD, and Arif Kenan Tan, MD.

Randomized Trial
Selda Kiliç, MD, Feyza Ünlü Özkan, MD, Duygu Geler Külcü, MD, Gülcan Öztürk, MD, Pinar Akpinar, MD, and Ilknur Aktas, MD.

Randomized Trial
Botao Liu, MD, Yang Yang, MD, Zhongyi Zhang, MD, Haining Wang, MD, Bifa Fan, MD, and
Lei Sima, MD.


Surviving the COVID-19 Epidemic: Protecting Family and Employees and Managing Financial Issues and Burnout – PART 2

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic: Practical Advice Every Pain Physician Needs to Know – PART 1
Back to Basics: Focus on Risk Assessments for HIPAA Compliance

A recent HIPAA settlement shows that many practices still are not complying with the basics of the regulations. A gastroenterologist in Ogden, Utah, paid $100,000 to the US Office for Civil Rights (OCR) this spring after reporting a breach related to a business associate. When OCR investigated the complaint, they found that the doctor’s practice had never completed a risk assessment, and even with support from OCR, he did not sufficiently mitigate his risks. In an OCR statement, Roger Severino, the organization’s director, said not implementing HIPAA basics continues to be an “unacceptable and disturbing trend” in healthcare.

A risk assessment is the heart of a practice’s compliance plan. It tells a medical group what information should be protected, where it is held, and potential threats and vulnerabilities in their computer system.

Jen Stone, a Principal Security Analyst at SecurityMetrics Inc., of Orem, Utah, said she sees plenty of practices—most often small ones—that fail to perform risk assessments. More than 2 decades after HIPAA was enacted, solo and smaller practices regularly continue to be out of compliance. Regardless of the challenges a smaller group might have, a risk assessment is a baseline for any HIPAA program. The cost of this assessment is considerably less than an OCR fine. In addition, HIPAA compliance officers would follow the group closely for years.  

Opinion: Slow Medicine: COVID-19 Exposes What's Wrong With U.S. Healthcare
— Nations that effectively implemented simple public health measures have fared much better

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, U.S. policymakers, healthcare leaders, and the public alike have looked far and wide for a technological fix to the crisis. News coverage has focused on the search for "magic bullet" cures; hospitals have ramped up ventilator supplies; and there have been widespread calls for increased testing capacity.

Other nations have also sought technological solutions, but the emphasis has been different. For example, many  Asian nations  rushed to implement simple, inexpensive public health measures -- including improved hygiene practices, social distancing, and face masks. These simple measures were implemented broadly to all sectors of society, regardless of socioeconomic or other factors. In the U.S., simple public health measures received less attention -- and at times even  scornful disdain .

Doc Accused of Fraud Busted for Nabbing $630K in PPP Loans
— Businesses only entitled to one loan; was ineligible due to previous upcoding fraud charges
A New York ophthalmologist has deepened his problems with the feds after taking Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans that he wasn't eligible for because of previous criminal charges.

Ameet Goyal, MD, took more than $630,000 in two loans, when businesses are supposed to be limited to only one, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The previous healthcare fraud charges, filed in November , involved submitting false claims for surgeries Goyal didn't perform and for "upcoding" to more expensive procedures. From January 2010 to March 2017, Goyal billed more than $8 million for those procedures and received more than $3 million in payments, "a substantial portion of which were fraudulently billed," according to the DOJ .


ASIPP ® Partners with Fedora Billing And Revenue Cycle Management Company  
ASIPP is now able to offer unique benefits for revenue cycle management with billing, etc.

Fedora is a company known to many of our board members and others. ASIPP ® has reached an agreement with Fedora to provide exclusive discounts on billing or revenue cycle management that will decrease practice costs and promote growth, or at least stop deterioration. It is not just a billing company; they streamline the billing and receivable process and constantly update payor regulations keeping your practice up to on date on a daily basis. 

You may view the ASIPP ® billing program website at the following link:  

Some of the ASIPP ® Billing Program highlights are below:
Up to 50% savings for ASIPP ® members for their billing or revenue cycle management for their offices and surgery centers:
  • Expertise in interventional pain management billing for all types of services
  • 99% Clearing House Rate
  • 95% First-Time Claim Passage
  • 23.4 Average Days in A/R
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification 
  • Pre-Certification/Prior Authorization
  • Denials and A/R Management 

Join The Group Purchasing
Organization Today
ASIPP ® has formed a partnership with Henry Schein and PedsPal , a national GPO that has a successful history of negotiating better prices on medical supplies and creating value added services for the independent physician. Working with MedAssets, PedsPal provides excellent pricing on products like contrast media that alleviate some of the financial pressures you experience today. While the cost of contrast media has skyrocketed due to the single dose vial issue, because we have partnered with Henry Schein, this could enable you to purchase Omnipaque 240mg/50mL for slightly above $4.50.

It will be easy for  ASIPP ® members in good standing to enroll today and begin to realize the savings this partnership can bring. Members can join or see sample prices by going to    

Click on “view our discounted supplier prices” (Username: ASIPPmember and Password: Save) or click on the words "join for free now" and begin saving today!

'Compound King' of Pain Cream Sentenced to 10 Years in $21M Fraud
A federal judge in Texas has sentenced a Houston pharmacist to 10 years in prison for billing the federal workers' compensation program $21.8 million for medically unnecessary compounded pain creams and gels.

The pharmacist, George Philip Tompkins, 75, called himself the "Compound King." His wife, Marene Kathryn Tompkins, 68, who was a vice president of the couple's business, Piney Point Pharmacy, was sentenced to 30 days of home confinement and 3 years of supervised release.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ)  announced  the sentences and noted that US District Judge Sim Lake of the Southern District of Texas ordered George Tompkins to pay $12.3 million in restitution and his wife to pay $950,000 in restitution.

Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional
Pain Management
Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in Interventional Pain Management is a book to bring concise, collective, and comprehensive information to interventional pain physicians practicing regenerative medicine in managing chronic pain. Regenerative medicine is an integral part of interventional pain management within the definitions of interventional pain management and interventional techniques.

Each chapter contains an introduction of the subject, historical context,pathophysiology, applicability of regenerative medicine with its evidence base, indications, anatomy, technical aspects, complications, and precautions for each topic when available and applicable. This comprehensive book consists of 35 chapters, more than 350 figures, and 50 tables.
| ORDER | Essentials of Regenerative Medicine in IPM
Regenerative Medicine for Spine Disease

On Demand Course covering Biologics in the treatment of DDD and Back Pain PRP, Bone Marrow Aspirate ASIPP Guidelines, Theory and Evidence Ultrasound Bone Marrow Aspirate PRP preparation. Video includes 1 CME Credit. Learn More. [ ]

Control Your Waiting Room TV

Customized waiting room TV exclusively for ASIPP ® members. Create your own ad-free television broadcasts using our videos, custom informational slides and your own YouTube videos. Even add local weather reports, news and live messages.
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