Health Update 10
Dear Akiba-Schechter Community,

Together, we have completed 15 weeks of in-person school. Not a small accomplishment, and one we can all take pride in. Thank you to each student, parent, staff and household member for making the daily commitment it has taken to keep us all safe and healthy this year. What we are doing is working. Let’s keep it up!  

We strongly encourage you to continue to avoid travel and refrain from attending even small social gatherings. Our collective actions while we are on winter break will impact our ability to be in school come January.

If your family plans to travel for any length of time, please let us know via email. Together we can decide if your child will need to quarantine upon return, and we can discuss the possibility, not guarantee, of remote learning. A gentle reminder that your children are good reporters and will not hesitate to share how they spent their break. Please don’t put any of us in an unnecessary and awkward situation; communicate with us in advance. Thank you. 

We are excited to see the vaccines starting to be administered, and we look forward to learning and sharing more about the guidelines as they develop. For the time being though, our protocols and Social Covenant will not change. 

Thank you again for doing your part to help our school stay open. And a special thank you to our entire staff for their tireless efforts in these difficult months. We are deeply grateful to their tremendous commitment to Akiba-Schechter and your children. We are wishing you all a bright last night of Chanukah and a healthy start to 2021. We look forward to seeing our students back at school on January 4.


Miriam Kass, Principal & Carla Goldberg, Early Childhood Director
on behalf of the Akiba-Schechter Health Committee