Health Update 8.0
Dear Akiba-Schechter Community,

This afternoon we learned that a staff member tested positive for COVID-19. This staff member has not been at school since Friday, November 20. Because of when symptoms began and the length of time it’s been since any of us were in physical contact with the staff member, we do not believe anyone in our Akiba-Schechter community is at an increased risk. The staff members’ colleagues and students’ families have been notified separately and provided with as much information as is appropriate under the circumstances.

Once again, please remember that while receiving news like this can be unnerving, this is our reality. And despite our very thoughtful protocols, we know that we cannot eliminate all risk of exposure to this virus. No one is to blame for this situation. Our shared commitment to our Social Covenant has enabled us to be open for over three months. We remain confident that our collective commitment will continue to keep us safe.

As always, if you have medical questions, please contact your doctor. Of course, Akiba-Schechter respects the medical and privacy rights of our families and staff, and we will not share any more information than is ethical, legal, and otherwise appropriate. If you would like to discuss our protocols, please feel free to contact one of us or another member of our Health Committee. 

We know you join us in wishing our colleague a refuah shleimah (full recovery). 

Miriam Kass

Carla Goldberg
Early Childhood Director