ASLM2023: Shaping the Future of African Healthcare through Laboratory Medicine 

The African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) is gearing up to host its 6th biennial conference in Cape Town, South Africa from 12–15 December 2023. The theme for ASLM2023 is, Shaping laboratory systems and diagnostic services for the 21st century: embracing the change. Join us for engaging discussions on challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this evolving landscape - it’s going to be an inspiring journey!


The outbreak of COVID-19 brought to the forefront the critical role that laboratory networks and diagnostics play in mounting a swift response to infectious disease outbreaks. Currently, close to half of the global population has limited or no access to diagnostic tools, and in Africa access is particularly limited for low income, rural, and marginalised communities. As the world prepares to respond to the next pandemic and emerging health threats, we must focus on increasing the quality, capacity, and resilience of laboratory systems and networks on the continent to be able to respond efficiently and effectively – now and into the future. ASLM2023 will discuss innovative solutions to address these key challenges.

Nqobile Ndlovu, ASLM CEO has emphasised the urgent need for embracing change in the field of laboratory medicine in Africa, saying: 'This year’s conference provides a platform to showcase new technologies and approaches that are set to revolutionise healthcare on the continent. By investing in cutting-edge innovations, developing new skills, and encouraging collaboration among healthcare professionals, the conference aims to drive positive change in laboratory medicine.'


ASLM2023 will showcase three powerful tracks, fuelling vibrant conference discussions.


Here’s what’s in store:

Track 1: ‘A changing landscape for laboratory medicine: challenges and opportunities,’ examines the impact of epidemiological, socio-economic, demographic, and environmental shifts on African healthcare's laboratory diagnostics. It will explore topics such as planetary health and diagnostics; innovative disruptive technologies for diagnosis; and emerging infections posing new health threats.


Track 2: ‘Meeting the challenge and taking the opportunity: the good, the bad and the unexpected,’ discusses the efficacy of current strategies in addressing changes, highlighting successful and unsuccessful approaches. It includes debates on integrated testing networks for surveillance and clinical care; managing responsive laboratory systems in Africa; and modernising the laboratory workforce for this century.


Track 3: ‘The road to transforming laboratory medicine for the 21st century,’ outlines the future of laboratory medicine, envisioning ideal systems and diagnostic networks. It delves into overcoming obstacles and filling gaps to reach these goals. Topics lined up include Africa's potential as a diagnostics research hub, using diagnostics and medical laboratories to promote health equity, and aligning PEPFAR's laboratory strategy with next-gen African diagnostics.


ASLM2023 will bring together medical laboratory and global health experts from across Africa and beyond to shape the future of healthcare across the continent. By addressing critical challenges and embracing change through innovation, this year’s conference aims to pave the way for a stronger laboratory medicine and diagnostics community in Africa.


For more information about the conference programme, key speakers, or to register - ASLM Members get discounts - visit


Join the conversation at ASLM2023, and let's collaborate to shape the laboratory medicine and healthcare landscape in Africa. Don't forget to use the hashtag #ASLM2023 on social media to share your thoughts and experiences as we countdown to this ground-breaking conference! 

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