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A Note from the Executive Director
Information for Alaska’s Seafood Industry on COVID-19
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute continues to support the global Alaska seafood industry during the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape by updating this webpage with information and resources for foodservice and retail outlets, seafood processors, fishermen and direct marketers. The page also includes current information from global public health and industry experts regarding food safety and Alaska seafood.

Leading public health and food safety organizations continue to affirm there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 is spread through food, food containers, or food packaging.
Seafood Trade Task Force Seeks Industry Input to Develop Trade Strategy
The Seafood Trade Task Force, a federal interagency body, is seeking written public input on how the Administration can best achieve Task Force objectives and inform the development of a comprehensive interagency seafood trade strategy. For specific questions and more on how to submit responses by the August 1 deadline, visit .
Certified Seafood Collaborative Takes Ownership of RFM Certification Program
On July 1 the Certified Seafood Collaborative (CSC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation led by a diverse board of seafood and sustainability industry experts, became the owner of the Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification program, a third-party sustainable seafood certification program for wild capture fisheries. The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute officially handed over ownership after a six-month period of transition following over ten years of dedication to developing the robust and independent certification for the industry. The transfer of RFM to the CSC presents new opportunity for cost savings, increased efficiencies and growth outside of Alaska fisheries. Read the full press release
In The News
July 16, 2020 Teleconference
The ASMI Board of Directors is holding bi-weekly meetings throughout the summer. To join, please email Sara Truitt for Zoom registration access.

July 22, 2020 Teleconference
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Partnerships and Promotions
ASMI U.S. Digital PR Efforts Net Increased Media Coverage, Consumer Engagement
As stay-at-home and social distancing orders were in place this spring, the ASMI Consumer PR program found that 66% of U.S. consumers were cooking more at home and 95% of people were spending more time online on food sites. In response, ASMI developed an integrated communications plan to reach audiences.

The campaign showcased the many ways to enjoy Alaska seafood through key digital media partnerships , social and influencer promotions , native advertising, and a renewed push on Pinterest. The campaign delivered 7.53M impressions, 71K link clicks, 74K engagements and 291M video views, as well as 2.57M media impressions, while helping people discover easy and comforting ways to enjoy Alaska seafood at home. The digital campaign outperformed impressions and link click benchmarks by 39% and 139% respectively.

Expanded shipments of frozen Alaska seafood to media and chef influencers earned a constant stream of press coverage that drove more than 462M earned media impressions, increasing year-over-year results by 153% and expanding awareness of Alaska seafood as a healthy, easy to cook protein staple.
Lunds & Byerlys Highlights Alaska Salmon and Cod for Spring
Minnesota retailer Lunds & Byerlys performed another promotion in the spring for previously frozen Alaska sockeye salmon and cod at 26 upper Midwest stores during March-April 2020. Each store built case displays calling out Alaska and used Alaska seafood point of sale materials. They also included the Alaska Seafood logo in their print ad with a large feature about wild Alaska seafood on the side. The promotion resulted in a substantial 47% sales lift from March/April 2019.
Sonic Drive-In features Alaska Pollock sandwich
The quick-service chain Sonic Drive-In featured an Alaska pollock sandwich in their Lenten promotion this year. The limited time offer ran across more than 3,600 units nationwide. Visibility for the Alaska Seafood logo and Alaska callouts were given across point of purchase materials as well as website presence and social channels using a new video spot.
Dairy Queen International Features Alaska Pollock Sandwich
For this year’s Lenten season, the quick service chain Dairy Queen International ran a limited time offer featuring an Alaska pollock sandwich across more than 2,500 units nationwide. The promotion included callouts of Alaska and logo across in-store transparencies, window clings, poster, menu boards, press releases as well as social channels and website.
Costco Spain Features Wild Alaska Sockeye
Alaska sockeye salmon was featured in Costco Madrid’s Independence Day promotion. ASMI Southern Europe is working to partner with Costco to promote additional Alaska seafood products in Europe. 
ASMI Japan Completes Video Series with Popular Online Recipe Platform Tastemade
ASMI Japan worked with Tastemade Japan to create five Alaska seafood recipes that were posted over the course of three months on Tastemade Japan’s website and social media channels. The recipes, steamed rice and Alaska salmon , Alaska surimi cream croquette , Alaska rockfish paella , Alaska mentaiko pasta roll , and Alaska ikura bowl were posted March 26 - June 11, and have received over 500K views on Instagram - an increasingly popular place for people to discover new recipes, especially young consumers. 
ASMI Brazil Hosts Health Focused Live Seminars
ASMI South America has been hosting a series of live seminars on the Alaska Seafood Brazil YouTube channel and Facebook page, primarily focused on Alaska seafood nutrition. ASMI has hosted a total of five one-hour seminars since stay-at-home orders were first announced in March. The seminars include participation from professionals discussing the importance of Alaska seafood for a healthy and nutritional diet, and additionally cover specific topics such as sports nutrition, mother and infant nutrition, seafood quality, and nutrition in foodservice. On YouTube, there are over 1,500 views of the seminar videos and the Facebook videos have reached over 6,000 views. The videos are saved on both channels and ASMI South America will continue promoting them to raise consumers, nutritionists and dietitians' awareness on Alaska seafood quality and nutritional benefits. The consistent messaging is part of the strategy adopted by ASMI since the start of 2020. 
ASMI China Launches Alaska Seafood App for WeChat
ASMI China created an Alaska seafood app for the social media platform WeChat to educate consumers, trade, and media about ASMI and Alaska seafood. The app includes information about ASMI events and promotions, descriptions of the Alaska seafood species, and a database of recipes. By working with an existing platform like WeChat that has over a billion monthly users, ASMI China was able to take advantage of a vast network with immense reach and user familiarity.

The program was promoted through WeChat ads, ASMI China’s official WeChat and Weibo accounts, as well as various “topic discussions” targeting interests like travel, foods, and lifestyles. All together the posts promoting the app garnered 120 million views and over 106,000 comments. A web version of the platform can be found online
ASMI South America Participates in Virtual Tradeshow
ASMI South America participated in the first Virtual Show of the Americas June 24 - 26. The show, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia, was composed of 95 exhibitors targeting various industries including Agribusiness, and attracted 800 visitors from 14 countries in Latin America. The virtual Alaska Seafood booth incorporated Alaska imagery, informational brochures and videos. The booth received 69 virtual visits, 226 "clicks" and ASMI representatives attended eight one-on-one meetings with seafood processors, importers and retailers from Colombia, Chile and Peru.
ASMI Japan Promotes Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi in Runners Magazine 
ASMI Japan placed an ad in Runners Magazine touting the nutritional benefits of wild Alaska pollock surimi. The ad appeared in the online and print versions of the magazine’s August 2020 edition. The printed copies were sent out on June 22 to a circulation of 270,000.

The online campaign went live on June 26 and by July 1 had received over 210,000 views and 294 clicks. The campaign focused on the health benefits of wild Alaska pollock surimi and included an endorsement from a dietitian. 
Find out more about ASMI activities at home and abroad in our  interactive map.