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Information for Alaska’s Seafood Industry on COVID-19
The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute continues to support the global Alaska seafood industry during the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape by updating this webpage with information and resources for foodservice and retail outlets, seafood processors, fishermen and direct marketers. The page also includes current information from global public health and industry experts regarding food safety and Alaska seafood.

Leading public health and food safety organizations continue to affirm there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 is spread through food, food containers, or food packaging.
Jann Dickerson Named ASMI Foodservice Marketing Representative
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has awarded industry veteran Jann Dickerson the new domestic foodservice marketing services contract.

The new role will oversee the integration and execution of both foodservice distribution and operation programs to increase synergy across ASMI’s domestic marketing program.
In The News
July 2, 2020 Teleconference
The ASMI Board of Directors is holding bi-weekly meetings throughout the summer. To join, please email Sara Truitt for Zoom registration access.

June 24-26, 2020 Virtual Trade Show

July 22, 2020 Teleconference
2020 Weekly Salmon Harvest Updates Begin
On behalf of ASMI, McDowell Group will once again be sending out weekly salmon harvest updates for the 2020 summer salmon season. These updates can be found on ASMI's website or e mail [email protected] to sign up .
New Quick Reference Cooking Guides
As part of ASMI’s larger campaign to connect U.S. consumers cooking seafood at home, perhaps for the first time, with simple prep techniques, the Communications Program created a series of shareable “How to” social graphics featuring easy cooking methods and a variety of Alaska species.

Download and share all of the graphics here .
Alaska Seafood Quality Processing Video
The new Alaska Seafood Quality Processing video is a shareable resource for trade partners and industry members. The short video provides a general overview of how Alaska seafood is processed and showcases the quality practices implemented by Alaska's seafood processors. The video can be found on the ASMI YouTube channel as well as the ASMI Quality webpage.
Need additional recipes, photos, videos or other materials?
Visit ASMI's online database of shareable recipes and cooking techniques on

You can also check out the latest photos and videos added to our media library:
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Partnerships and Promotions
Rosauers Celebrates Lent with Designated Alaska Seafood Section in Service Case
Rosauers promoted Alaska salmon, cod, halibut, crab, rockfish, sablefish and sole at 22 stores in the PNW and Rockies for Lent 2020.

Each store created a designated Alaska section in its service case featuring all species grouped together with Alaska seafood signage, while staff wore ASMI aprons.

An e-newsletter and social media posts further strengthened the promotion. Results showed a successful 23.4% YOY increase in Alaska seafood sales.
Refreshed Cook It Frozen! Campaign Delivers Results
ASMI's refreshed Cook It Frozen! campaign launched on Serious Eats in March with new recipe and video assets, featuring how to pan-sear, bake, grill and pressure-cook frozen wild Alaska salmon. The campaign resulted in over 5 million impressions, 37K page views, 11 minute average page view time, 669K social reach, and 17K social post engagement with many positive comments. E-newsletters received an average of 28% open rates, exceeding Serious Eats' benchmark.

Videos received 30K total views, with "How to Pan-Sear" far exceeding the rest. ASMI plans to extend the campaign to additional species and cooking methods.

Recipes and how-to videos can be found on ASMI's website .
Spartan Nash Stores Promote Multiple Alaska Seafood Varieties for Lent
Spartan Nash featured Alaska salmon, cod and Alaska pollock during Lent at 90 stores across the Spartan Nash family. Each store utilized the ASMI logo and point of sale for seafood displays, as well as ran digital ads, social media posts, e-newsletters and more.

The campaign resulted in a 12.4% sales lift year over year, with a peak the week of March 1, which was nearly 34% higher than the weekly average for the campaign.
Alaska Pollock Featured in White Castle Lenten Promotion
White Castle, a Midwest quick service chain, ran a successful "3 Sliders for $3" Lenten limited time offer featuring Alaska pollock in their Fish Sliders and Fish Nibblers across 368 units.

Visibility for the Alaska Seafood logo and Alaska callouts were given via direct-to-consumer print mailers and point of purchase materials, drive-thru menus, as well as email blasts, website presence and social channels.
ASMI Japan Moves Herring Roe Day Promotion Online
ASMI Japan conducted an Instagram campaign May 1-8 to celebrate and raise awareness of Herring Roe Day, which is on May 5. Originally planned as an in-store promotion for the holiday, which is meant to encourage consumers to eat herring roe year round and not just on New Year's, the promotion shifted to an online campaign after the global pandemic canceled in-store activities.

 ASMI worked with 11 culinary professionals and influencers to post original herring roe recipes and also invited consumers to post their own creations. As a result, 15 different Instagram users posted 19 recipes, and the ASMI Japan Instagram account gained 218 followers.
ASMI China E-commerce Promotion with Pinduoduo Results in Over $1 Million in Sales
From March 13 - April 12, ASMI China used Market Access Program funding to conduct a promotion with China's second largest e-commerce platform, Pinduoduo. During the month long campaign, online banner ads promoted Alaska sablefish, thorny head and yellowfin sole, directing buyers to two retailer stores on the platform, Dahaohuopu and Dahuangxiansheng, whom ASMI China has cooperated with before. ASMI contributed $13,660 to the promotion, which resulted in $1,197,840 in Alaska seafood sales, representing an ROI of 8,669%.
ASMI China Hires Product Demonstrators During In Store Promotions in Guangzhou and Shanghai
ASMI China partnered with two retailers to complete in store retail promotions during the month of May. From April 27 - May 26, ASMI China promoted yellowfin sole and wild Alaska pollock at six locations of G-Super in Shanghai. From May 1 – 31, promotions were held at five locations of Grandbuy in Guangzhou highlighting wild Alaska pollock, sablefish, and cod.

For both activities, ASMI hired demonstrators to engage shoppers and hand out Alaska point of sale materials. These promotions were the first in store activities since the coronavirus outbreak and resulted in 20,740 kgs in Alaska seafood sales valued at $136,000.
ASMI China Boosts Sales to Nearly $1 Million Through E-commerce Platform
From March 6-20, ASMI China used Market Access Program funds to conduct a highly successful online promotion with, a leading online food supermarket that targets the daily needs of middle and high-end consumer groups in over 237 cities across China.

The campaign featured a banner ad promoting wild Alaska pollock, cod, sablefish, yellowfin sole and sea cucumber, while also highlighting Alaska seafood's versatility, suitability for Chinese cuisine, and Alaska's strong fisheries management program. In addition to the banner ad, customers who bought two or more species of Alaska seafood were gifted an Alaska seafood recipe book with their order.

ASMI China spent $11,300 on the activity, which resulted in $976,525 in Alaska seafood sales, an ROI of 8,522%.
Ukraine Influencer Promotes Frozen Alaska Pollock and Pink Salmon For Kids
ASMI Eastern Europe collaborated with Ukraine food influencer, Evgen Klopotenko ( @klopotenko ), to promote Alaska seafood during the stay at home orders. Klopotenko is a young Ukrainian chef, participant and winner of various Ukraine TV contests, and is also among the top opinion makers in Ukraine on modern nutritious children’s diets. Klopotenko acts as an expert in modernization of Ukrainian school menus in collaboration with governmental institutions and has published a cookbook dedicated to modern kids’ recipes for Ukrainian schools. 

During ASMI’s Stay at Home campaign, Klopotenko posted 11 posts on his social media channels and website promoting frozen Alaska pollock and Alaska pink salmon as delicious, cost friendly and nutritious seafood options. Klopotenko noted that frozen fish stores well in the freezer and is easy to cook for the family. The campaign included a reach of 450,000 with over 31,500 likes and just under 3,000 people saving the recipe posts for future reference.
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