Friday August 9, 2019
The Truth About the CASE Act

[by Keith Kupferschmid/Terrica Carrington of the Copyright Alliance] Editor's note: Opponents to the CASE Act continue to promote untruths about the CASE Act in the press and on social media platforms in an effort to undermine support for the...

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ASMP Amps Up Advocacy in August

ASMP Executive Director, Tom Kennedy, and ASMP counsel, Mike Klipper, along with advocates from other visual creator groups are continuing to meet with Congressional members and their staffs...[Image: Pruitt Allen]

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Questions with a Pro: Randal Crow

This week's Questions with a Pro features Randal Crow. We asked: Please provide a brief background of yourself. Randal said: Starting out in 1989 as a photographer's 1st assistant in a busy commercial studio, I polished my...[Image: Randal Crow]

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Brian Finke Turns His Camera on His Family and the...

Editor's Note: Brian Finke is an ASMP Professional Member. Cross-posted from It's Nice That. [by Jenny Brewer] "We try not to have favourites but it's difficult not to love everything photographer Brian Finke produces.[Image: Brian Finke]

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Member Benefit: Apple Summer 2019 iPhone Trade-In Offer

Trade in your iPhone online and get instant credit toward a new iPhone. Plus when you shop your MPP Store you'll also receive your MPP discount on a new iPhone Xr or iPhone Xs (SIM-free). To start your trade-in, log in to the ASMP Apple member...

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Join the Discussions in the ASMP Forums

Join the discussions in the ASMP Forums that include Advocacy, Architecture, Assistants & Emerging Photographers, Corporate, Drones, Educator, Fine Art, Food, General Discussion & Video among others.[Image: Douglas Barkey]

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Image © Meg McKinney

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Weekend Reading 8.8.2019

Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated this week by ASMP National Board Director Frank Rocco.[Image: Monica Lozano]

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The Momentary Present

M ost photographs are born in a fraction of a second. They show a small piece of the visible world as seen from a particular vantage point at a particular moment in time. Communication. .. Read more
360-Degree Camera Ball Wants to Charge You for Every Snap You Take Now

Truth be told, the 360-degree camera concept that Panono touted when it first came to Indiegogo years ago ... Read more
Storytelling Through Photography

When I read the description of most photographers' websites, I see them describing themselves as storytellers. In certain . . . Read more