Friday March 22, 2019
PSA: The Hudson Yards 'Vessel' Has The Right To Use All...

Editor's Note: Read ASMP counsel Thomas Maddrey's statement of ASMP opposition to Hudson Yards' terms and conditions related to the "Vessel" below. Cross-posted from Gothamist. [by Ben Yakas] "The massive 'Vessel' is...[Image: Scott Lynch/Gothamist]

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ASMP Strongly Opposes Hudson Yards' Terms and Conditions ...

Update: Subsequent to the posting of this article on March 19, 2019, Hudson Yards updated their Terms and Conditions linked below to remove some of the most egregious clauses. It is unfortunate that this is a widespread...[Image: Suzy Hazelwood]

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Questions with a Pro: Dylan Buyskes

This week's Questions with a Pro features, Dylan Buyskes. Dylan is a Buffalo, New York-based photographer and founder of Onion Studio. Dylan and his team highly emphasize collaboration and communication, in order to...[Image: Dylan Buyskes]

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Create or Update Your Profile Today!

With just a couple of clicks, you might be creating the profile needed to be offered the assignment of a lifetime. If you are an ASMP member and you don't already have a profile set up in Find A Photographer or Find An Assistant...

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Image © Anne Stephenson

From exhibits to workshops - connect with ASMP!

Join the discussions in the ASMP Forums that include Advocacy, Architecture, Assistants & Emerging Photographers, Corporate, Drones, Educator, Fine Art, Food, General Discussion & Video among others. [Image: Douglas Barkey]
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Weekend Reading 3.21.2019

Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated this week by ASMP National Board Director Frank Rocco...[Image: Sea Shepherd]

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Can Photographers Fight “Fake News” by Asserting Authorship?

What can professional photographers do to make sure their photos are not only seen but also trusted? Fred Ritchin, dean emeritus of the International Center of Photography and author, addressed... Read more
Postcards from Mecca

I love the small museums you find in out of the way places. Not so focused on the large, culture shaping events that are the concerns of the great museums they often concentrate on the lives of the people who... Read more
Grace Chon's Work in the Harvard Business Review

Heidi: How did this body of work start?
Grace: The series actually started out as a personal project with 9 dogs, back in 2016. The series went massively viral, and then turned into a book called Puppy Styled that was published in 2018 . Are these dogs… Read more