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The ASN Fall 2021 Issue is Now Online!

"Challenging Behaviors and Autism"

This issue is devoted to supporting the misunderstood behaviors of autistic individuals, which are often attributed to difficulty communicating one’s needs, anxiety or stress, or experiencing sensory overload. Instead of focusing on behaviors as problematic, “challenging behaviors” should be viewed as ways autistic individuals communicate their needs.

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Designing Environments to Reduce Challenging Behaviors

Let your child discover they may not fit into any box - and celebrate that fact. Embrace your child’s autism as a unique, diverse aspect of them rather than modifying their behaviors so they resemble “normal.” Let’s define autistics by their capabilities rather than their deficits. The best part of each day is seeing my son flap his hands in joy - it means we are on the right track, and I usually join in with my own happy dance.

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Values-Based Behavior Planning - Responding to Challenging Behaviors for Individuals with Complex Profiles via Comprehensive Planning

Guided by values as expressed through their core commitments of compassionate care, integrity in everything we do, highly skilled workforce, evidence-based practices, and ensuring best outcomes for all, Melmark built its model to provide this level of comprehensive assessment and treatment for every person who walks through our doors, ensuring them the best chance at a meaningful and productive life.

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International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement Launches the First-Ever Global Standard Set to Enhance Care For Autism Spectrum Disorder

The International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) recently launched a standardized Autism Spectrum Disorder Standard Set (ASDSS). The rollout of this set marks an important, proactive step towards promoting data quality and availability across the industry. The ASDSS will strengthen autism care and provide a cohesive set of standards that ICHOM will implement globally

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ASN Editorial Calendar

Winter 2022 Issue

“Improving Lives with Technology”

Deadline: December 3, 2021

Spring 2022 Issue

“Education and Autism”

Deadline: March 3, 2022

Summer 2022 Issue

"Understanding and Treating

Co-Occurring Conditions"

Deadline: June 7, 2022

Fall 2022 Issue

“Relationships and Sexuality”

Deadline: September 1, 2022

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