Dear Colleagues:

ASNY has been incredibly active in the past few years and we can celebrate the fruits of our efforts. We have won legislative victories with herbal scope expansion and inclusion as providers in the Workers Compensation System. We have gained academic recognition, experienced increased acceptance within insurance coverage, and have grown our membership. We are proud of our blossoming cooperation with allied associations and our growing professional organization and unity under the umbrella of the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA).

With so much to celebrate, we must not forget the challenges that still lie ahead of us. While NY remains one of a handful of remaining states where Dry Needling is illegal, this issue continues to loom as an ever-present challenge to our profession. As the Opioid Crisis grows in the hearts and minds of the people and our legislators, Acupuncture is becoming more in demand, and the issues of standards, who can perform acupuncture, and fair fees in arenas such as Medicare and the military are taking front stage. While enormous opportunities are presenting, we have much to learn quickly and even more to protect for our profession to evolve in a positive and sustainable direction.

The power of unity is what our profession requires at this time. Unity is represented by the numbers we can show we truly represent. The current standard of representation that allows a professional organization to sit at the decision-making tables of the nation is 50%+1, the minimum to show a majority of our profession is represented. A specific example of such a table is the American Medical Associations CPT Council, where CPT codes for Acupuncture are determined. With 27 state associations now officially under the umbrella of the ASA, and more joining this year, this level of representation is now, finally possible...but each state needs to do its part to meet that 50%+1 goal. NY can be the the shining example of this nationwide - we have over 4000 Licensed Acupuncturists in this state alone. We are second only to California in numbers...what an impact we can make on this goal! But currently, we have less than 10% of those participating in membership. That means 3500 LAc’s in NY are not members and are not currently being representing at either the state or national level, and we can’t sit at those decision-making tables because of it...lets get them on board!!!! As your President, I challenge every ASNY member to help us this year by reaching out to your fellow colleagues and getting them to join ASNY.  We are working hard for them. Let's show the nation that NY understands that together, we are stronger. 

We all love the this medicine, with all of its rich history and diversity of roots and style. It is the commonality of sheer effectiveness that brings all acupuncturists together in unity. This unity should be heard, and can change the face of American medicine if we get loud enough. Join me in my mission to reach 50%+1 (and more!) participation and representation. My pledge to you in return is to support you in building a strong, thriving acu-community in New York, so we can all succeed at what we love to do.  

Dr. Viktor Krystufek, DACM, LAc.
Interim President
Acupuncture Society of New York