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18th Annual
Acupuncture Medicine Day
In honor of Acupuncture Medicine Day, the ASA and NCCAOM have come together to celebrate Diversity and Community in the Acupuncture Profession. This webinar event, comprising four panel discussions, is designed to help practitioners learn how cultural competence can positively affect patient safety and efficacy of treatment within our local communities and through global outreach. Through cultural appreciation, we honor ourselves, our patients and our communities, thereby increasing the strength of our Acupuncture Medicine treatments. You can choose to attend individual panels or all of the great panel discussions to obtain up to 4 complimentary PDAs/CEUs. Please join us, as we celebrate the 18th Annual Acupuncture Medicine Day together!

Panel 1: Cultural Appreciation/Appropriation Panel, 11 AM EDT- 12:15 PM EDT (1 PDA Ethics/Safety)
We will learn a brief history of Acupuncture Medicine Day, and the importance of cultural competence in our profession. We will learn about cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation in acupuncture. While incorporating different elements of ourselves into our treatments, we have to be cautious to avoid cultural appropriation. This panel will discuss ways to ensure patient safety through cultural appreciation and being culturally appropriate.

Panel 2: Community Outreach Panel, 12:30 PM EDT – 1:30 PM EDT (1 PDA AOM-AC)
Acupuncture access for patients is a main concern, as noted in the results of our Cultural Competency survey. How do we reach our underserved populations? Our panelists didn’t wait for someone to come up with an answer to address those needs! We present 4 speakers who saw a healthcare need in their communities and did what was needed to help through acupuncture. These speakers have created access and a more equitable playing field for the underserved and disenfranchised members of local communities. We will learn how they reached out to local underserved communities. Speakers will discuss their journeys and program and share the ideas they have to provide acupuncture outreach out to their communities and/or underserved communities. Advice on how to do this while being culturally appropriate will be shared.
Panel 3: Global Outreach Panel, 2:00 PM EDT – 3:00 PM EDT (1 PDA AOM-OM)
Just as our Local Outreach Panel reached out to their local communities, these speakers chose to reach out globally. We learn how they decided to reach out to the international communities they served. Speakers will discuss their program and how they provide Acupuncture Medicine to reach out to international communities. We will learn how acupuncture through the NADA protocol was used to help Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria and the efforts of the Global Acupuncture Project in Uganda. In Guatemala, local community health promoters work with international Spanish speaking acupuncturists to provide basic TCM to their communities. We will learn about the importance of cultural appropriateness and cultural humility through global outreach work.

Panel 4: Cultural Celebration Panel, 3:30 PM EDT – 4:30 PM EDT (1 PDA AOM-OM)
Celebrate cultural diversity with this panel! Our patients’ cultures when combined with the practitioners’ cultural identities create fully enriched treatment experiences. Our panelists will discuss the role of gender & sexuality, racial and cultural diversity in their patient treatment experiences. We will learn how to be better practitioners by understanding the cultures of our patients and our cultures new ideas (such as cultural aspects of diet, celebrations), issues regarding different diagnostics, health literacy and communication. We will learn examples of how appropriate linguistics and behavior is used to increase acupuncture treatment efficacy and to increase patient safety through cultural competency in practice.

Covid-Compliant Entertainment
Radial Park, we are Broadway at the drive-in. An interactive, theatrical experience, from the safety of your own vehicle. Guests will come to enjoy a show on the big screen with live, sing-along entertainment, performed by Broadway stars. A fun, family friendly night out! Don’t have a car? No problem! Rent a picnic table and a retro boombox to hear the movie and live performances. Sing along with the show on your own karaoke microphone with Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy snacks and ice-cold beverages from the concession stand or enjoy something fun and delicious from one of the food trucks on site. While you’re out enjoying the night, you can rest-assured we have your safety in mind! You get a lot at Radial Park, a parking lot. Each picnic table or parking space will get their own mini parking lot, that has been spaced out in accordance with the current social-distancing guidelines. Upon entry, we will be checking your temperature with an infrared, touchless thermometer, then you’ll get to choose a color-coded, glow-in-the-dark wrist band in green, yellow or red (Green means go, yellow means I’m being cautious and red mean please don’t come near) to indicate your level of comfort while social distancing. We will also have lifeguards on duty, (because what’s a night on the water without a few lifeguards. COVID lifeguards, that is!) are ready to blow the whistle on any social-distancing violations. One thing is for certain, you’ll remember the fun you had visiting Radial Park, where Broadway shines!
Broadway at the Drive In! Radial Park Presents "Purple Rain"
Who needs some culture in NYC??? Everyone 👍✨because we are all socially deprived and that is not healthy. ✨☀️✨ Also, this Saturday 10/24 is Acupuncture Medicine Day so we do have a big reason to celebrate!!! 

How does this tie together? We all know that we lost an icon AGAIN to the horrible ongoing opioid epidemic, and we all know that Acupuncturists will play one of the largest roles in providing non-pharmacological therapies for pain. In this way, it seems fitting to watch Broadway stars pay tribute to a legendary performer, gone too soon. And it's hard to find an event that is as compliant with Covid-19 mandates.

This is NOT an acupuncture event, but it is definitely a group event. We can make it on a student budget and book a picnic table for 4 ppl making the price of tickets $30 per person 6 for $20/person. 

RadialPark.com is a new #covid safe #theatre venue next to the Astoria Ferry. The #Prince music from #purplerain is phenomenal and the show is not only a Broadway production ✨☀️✨ It is also the only show in #NYC

For those in the City who want to coordinate together, take the ferry from East 90th at 5:50, in four minutes we are in Astoria to catch the DJ kick-off at 6pm 

Acupuncturists can get a 20% discount code OUTPURPLE for LGBTQ+ night 10/24 which is fun because it has a DJ before and after the actual show. 

See the news for yourself: 
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2020 5:30 to 7:30PM
Due to Covid-19 safety concerns, the Acupuncture Society of New York will hold its 2020 completely online.
In 2019, ASNY held a dual presentation for their annual event thanks to Pacific College of Health Sciences generous donation of space and the ability to stream our conference to our members who attended through Zoom. 
While we wish we could hold an event in person, as we are all hoping we can do soon, it is best to keep our members and their families, patients and communities safe by holding this event online.
Much like its members, ASNY has had a very unique pandemic experience that has resulted in an increase in new members, work products produced and committee population. We have new board members and officers joining the board and a multitude of projects that we are all working on together.

Upon registration, you will receive further instructions for how to join the meeting. 
All ASNY Members will be receiving electronic ballots as well as a series of surveys in the coming weeks. We hope that you will take the time to answer them and help us improve our services. Please take the time to vote for officers and board members, as well as any bylaw changes from November 5 through December 9, 2020.
Coming in January 2021
Learn from the Best in the Field of
Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture All in One Program!
This comprehensive program provides a flexible combination of on-line, live, interactive classroom learning, and hands-on, intensive mentorship, and training taught by international leaders in the facial acupuncture field.
 In addition to the core style of Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture offered by Shellie Goldstein, A. P., L.Ac., participants will be introduced to clinical skills and strategies developed and mastered by internationally-renowned lecturers, including Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Lillian Pearl Bridges, Matt Callison, Michelle Gellis, Amanda Shayle, Elizabeth Trattner, Cathy Goldstein, Carrie Hart Anton, and Kerry Mc Vey.
This intensive training and mentoring program is for practitioners serious about enhancing their Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture skills.
Part 1: 50 hours of on-line interactive didactic classroom training:
Begins January 2021
Part 2: 50 hours of live hands-on mentorship and clinical training:
August 2021 (TBD)
*Approved by the American Acupuncture Council plus $100 credit towards new malpractice insurance policies.
Dr. Viktor Krystufek, DACM Chair
Mona Yuan, MS, L.Ac, PT ,Vice Chair
1st Monday of Every Month
9:00PM EST
Subcommittees: Newsletter, Public Education, Social Media
ASNY is now on Twitter under the username: @AcuSocietyNY. Twitter is where the majority of New York's legislators are, therefore it will be the social media platform most used for grassroots campaigns.

  • If you have not, create a Twitter account.
  • Personalize your account with a professional profile picture. 
  • Your bio should be concise and interesting, and include your credentials, and location.
  • Encourage your patients to get on Twitter and follow you too!

ASNY is now on Instagram under the username: @AcuSocietyNewYork. Instagram is a great visual platform.You can use it to market your brand, to connect with patients, and to support each other in this profession. Instagram will also be used to create public education campaigns.

Calling all Acupuncturists and Acupuncture Students: ASNY is looking for creative members of the industry to join the ASNY Social Media Team. This team is responsible for all social media content and the ASNY Newsletter & Reviews. We are ESPECIALLY interested in working with Acupuncture Students in an effort to both provide their perspective AND give them insight into the industry. If interested, please join us at BaseCamp!!
Dr. Timur Lokshin, DACM, Chair
Peter Caron, M.AC Vice Chair

3nd Thursday of Every Month
1:00PM EST

The Governance Committee has been working to finish the ASNY Social Media Policy that will govern posting etiquette on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The ASNY Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual is also nearing completion with governing documents for all committees included.
Peter Caron, M.AC Chair
Dr. Carl Castillo, DACM, Vice Chair

4th Monday of Every Month
1:00PM EST
being established

Our community functions best when it communicates. Each region of New York State has an ASNY representative. These representatives will be volunteers from each
community. They will be tasked with connecting and building their community. They will also be soliciting their local community for feedback, which will then be brought the the board of directors.

The Board of Directors has 4 members representing the New York City Region: President Viktor Krystufek, Upcoming Vice President Peter Caron, Secretary Anna Panetierre and Claire Alatan, Board Member-At-Large.

NYC BURROUGH REPRESENTATIVES: We are Urgently Seeking Burrough Reps!
Because of the number of ASNY Members making up the New York City Region, ASNY is interested in expanding the region's representation to one in each burrow. If interested, please contact Membership Chair Peter Caron for details.

Designated Regional Rep and Upcoming Board Member Kim Creaven.
Board Members who serve the Long Island Region: Treasurer Timur Lokshin, Carl Castillo, Mona Yuan

Captal Region, North Region, Mohawk Valley & Central New York Region:
Upcoming Board Member Katherine Mackenzie

Finger Lakes, Western Region, and Southern Tier Regions:
Upcoming Board Member Renee Nearpass

Mid-Hudson Region:
OPEN: If Interested, please contact Membership Chair Peter Caron for details.

ASNY is adding their first voting Student Board Member and is hoping to add Student Representatives from each New York school to the team at the Membership Committee. If interested, please contact Membership Chair Peter Caron for details.
Just like everyone during this time, ASNY is continuing to undergo big changes and is finding new and creative ways of being. The implementations we will be making in the next few months are designed to create better communication with its members and make sure we are representing ASNY MEMBER'S needs.

We invite all of you to the Acupuncture Society of New York HQ on BaseCamp. Take a look around in our Committees and Projects. The more we hear from you regarding your needs, the better we can meet them. We are stronger together!

Dr. Kallie Byrd Guimond, D.OM
President, Health Policy Advocacy Institute
ASNY Consultant