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ASNY Pandemic Solutions Round Table Discussion
Dear Colleagues:

ASNY held a round table discussion on Thursday, March 26, 2020 to discuss NEW YORK-specific questions that practitioners were posing on social media and within their own circles. We addressed the issue of whether or not acupuncture services in the state were considered essential services, as well as the liability of staying open and seeing patients face-to-face during a pandemic for those offices that sought the designation of essential services. One final note regarding essential services and home visits: you are being asked to stop the spread of this virus. Any contact you have with the outside world exposes you and your patients to infection and possible mortality. New York is the epicenter. Please consider your first job to stop the spread of this virus.

Sarit Hirshkorn from All Acu Services, LLC was gracious enough to give a detailed presentation on Telehealth and Telemedicine Services IN New York. We would also like to thank the American Acupuncture Council for emailing a template for Telehealth Consent Forms. At a time period when there is tremendous confusion moving forward into a new space in medicine for our profession, their expertise is imperative and we appreciate them! 

We closed out with some details regarding small business loans as mandated under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA.) As we told those in attendance, this remains a moving target. On Friday, March 27, 2020 at 4pm, the President signed into law the Caronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, which offers over Two Trillion dollars in relief and stimulus to individuals, small businesses, and states and municipalities to help offset the economic losses everyone is dealing with at this time.

ASNY will continue to keep putting out the most accurate information available with authoritative references. Below is a brief analysis of the legislation and references for where to turn for help from our local, state and federal government during this time. Please utilize all hyperlinked text and know that almost all pictures are hyperlinked for your convenience as well.

Remember what Governor Andrew Cuomo said: "This is a marathon, not a sprint." Be safe and be well.


ASNY Board of Directors 
ASNY will address the main questions from our Round Table Discussion that primarily dealt with 2 issues: Small business loans and Unemployment Insurance (UI) or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). We have been in contact with the Labor & Employment Division of Venable, LLP who has a team devoted purely to answering these questions from a legal standpoint. We will continue to provide updates as they come in. This is definitely still a moving target and we vow to give the most authoritative resources as possible.
Key Points from Legislation for Small Business Relief:

  • Under the CARES Act, qualifying businesses include:

  • Businesses with up to 500 employees or which meet the applicable size standard for the industry as provided by SBA's existing regulations

  • Businesses in the accommodation and food services industries with more than one physical location but no more than 500 employees at each location

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Loans will be available through SBA and Treasury approved banks, credit unions, and some nonbank lenders.

  • Borrowers can borrower 2.5 times their monthly payroll expenses, up to $10 million.

  • Applicable uses for the loan proceeds include: (1) qualified payroll costs; (2) rent; (3) utilities; and (4) interest on mortgage and other debt obligations.

  • Loan forgiveness is available for funds used to pay 8 weeks of payroll and other qualified expenses.
Information Regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI)
and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)
ASNY will not be interpreting anything coming out of government sources, but rather will provide links to apply for these services. We encourage people to APPLY. Use the government sites as your resources. Regardless of how you have organized your business, it appears that there is some form of relief for people. Please look at the graphics that will take you directly to the websites for further information. There does seem to be one caveat for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance that has to do with those who can telework with pay. This is one of the technical questions we are seeking guidance on as many Licensed Acupuncturists consider expanding their businesses to encompass telemedicine. As it stands, prior to this pandemic, this would not have affected most of you as you closed your businesses to observe NY PAUSE mandates. Please know that we have heard your questions and are working hard to find authoritative answers. Much of this has simply never been done before. These are tax and labor questions and we want to get this right for you.
American Society of Acupuncturists
Holding Weekly Town Halls!!!
In conjunction with the NCCAOM, the ASA will hold weekly Town Halls to continue to answer questions for the professionals and students in our field. ASNY Members are automatically ASA Members and highly encouraged to join their national efforts to advocate for our profession. The next Town Hall takes place Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 8PM EST. 2 FREE PDAS ARE INCLUDED IN EACH MEETING.
During a crisis, we become acutely aware of where we can help each other. In the coming weeks, ASNY will be looking to its committees to come up with solutions to expand our reach in health policy, enhance our member and public communications and create benefits for our members. We recognize that we are in a unique position to tap the talent of so many practitioners who arrived in this profession as a second career and hope that you guys can step in at a time of great public need. If you find yourself being affected by this crisis and want to help, please let us know.

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