ASO Transition Update and Unaddressed Complaints 
This message is being forwarded by Behavioral Health System Baltimore from the Maryland Department of Health.  

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) is working closely with Optum to process claims and to ensure providers receive timely payment by sending payments outside of the normal processing cycle. Optum is working with providers on the credentialing and validation of provider information so that reimbursements are received in a timely manner. MDH has communicated to Optum that the following actions need to be addressed expeditiously:

1. Address and resolve provider complaints within one business day.
2. Provide MDH with a timeline of when system-wide provider claims will be fixed (e.g., billing codes, provider type submission issues).
3. Provide access and visibility for designated MDH staff to easily access information regarding payment remittance and denials.

MDH has identified dedicated staff who are working closely with providers on the intake of concerns and issues. These cases are being tracked by our internal constituent services management system. We believe these steps will help us better understand the specific problems our providers are experiencing, as well as progress in resolving them.

MDH is working to resolve the issues behavioral health providers are experiencing with Optum as quickly and efficiently as possible. We sincerely appreciate your open line of communication and bringing these outstanding concerns to our attention.

If you are experiencing issues during this transition that have not yet been addressed, please fill out the Contact Us form directly on the MDH website for the most efficient response and include the following information:

1. Provider Name
2. NPI #
3. Tax ID#
4. Have you registered with Optum? Have you received your token from Optum?
5. Have you submitted claims with Optum? If you have submitted claims, have you received your reimbursement? Please provide the date of submission and claim amount. If you received reimbursement but not the full reimbursement, for how much, and how much was not reimbursed?
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