ASPA Welcomes New Member Lasersec & Kuwer Industries
ASPA announced that it has successfully completed the review and due diligence and has inducted two new member companies Lasersec Technologies and Kuwer Industries as full members. Last year, ASPA was instrumental in organising the 1st International Authentication Conference in India with an aim to empowering industry, Government and consumer to fight fakes. Today, ASPA members are protecting more than 15,000 brands worldwide via new generation authentication & serialization solutions.
ASPA welcome business enterprise or individual involved in the business of providing or facilitating authentication solutions in its effort to fight against counterfeiting and to promote the growth of the authentication solutions industry. For membership benefit, click here
SPCBL to install more printing machines soon worth Tk 4.50 billion
The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd (SPCBL) is set to install eight more printing machines soon for increasing its capacity to print banknotes, cheque books and other government's security-related printing materials. The cost of these machines is Tk 4.50 billion. Besides, a move is underway to import four more machines, according to the SPCBL's data. 
RBS first £10 in thirty years to feature
Royal Bank of Scotland has announced its first new £10 in thirty years will go into circulation on October 4 2017. The new note will feature the mathematician and astronomer Mary Somerville and the second in a new series of ‘Fabric of Nature’ themed notes made from De La Rue’s Safeguard® polymer material and contains a variety of new security features. It is also the first Royal Bank of Scotland note to feature a specific tactile feature to help the visually impaired. For more click here
Monotech ties with Grafisk Maskinfabrik- Denmark
Monotech Systems Limited has tied up with Grafisk Maskinfabrik (GM) Denmark for their full color digital label production press. As per the association GM will be providing very high quality converting line for labels which will be integrated with ColorNovo UV Inkjet by Monotech Systems Limited. Recently, Monotech Systems Limited has introduced ColorNovo hybrid UV inkjet system for digital label production designed and developed in India. For more click here
US Banknote Production in July Hits 566.4 Million
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing ( BEP ) produced 566.4 million banknotes last month for a total value of more than $13.1 billion. By comparison, June levels registered at 547.52 million notes worth over $13.2 billion. In percentage breakdowns, July saw 3.5% more notes than June for a combined 0.4% lower value. For more click here

Trump on China; We will combat counterfeiting
President Trump is prepping to tackle a nearly $500 billion problem. While the path of his quest is far from certain, Trump's directive to his trade officials to start preparing for an investigation on China's intellectual property policies was welcomed by an industry that has struggled with counterfeiting and piracy for years.  For more click here
Brady partners with Kezzler to protect refrigerant
Brady has partnered with Kezzler and Honeywell to focus on bringing anti-counterfeiting solution for Genetron 134a refrigerant, which can be used in automotive, commercial and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration applications. The partnership aims to develop a complete anti-counterfeiting solution for commercial refrigeration applications. Under the partnership programme, Brady provides secure label design services, layered anti-counterfeit materials and serialised label converting and controlled supply chain distribution to combat counterfeiting. Kezzler’s serialisation solution is expected to provide each product with its digital identity, with Honeywell aiming to covert security taggants and detection devices. For more click here
India leading Biscuit brand PARLE takes on counterfeiting
Parle Products has launched an integrated brand campaign to strengthen brand recognition for sub-brands in the confectionary space and inform consumers that these sub-brands come from the house of Parle. Parle identified product clusters with similar branding issues and has created integrated campaigns for each of the clusters. One of the main problems that Parle is tackling with this campaign is the counterfeiting of popular brands like Mango Bite, Kaccha Mango and Melody. For more click here

PwC report raises concerns on counterfeiting & Security Printing Technologies
A new report from PwC has raises concerns over counterfeiting. With sales ranging  from €150 billion to €200 billion (US$163 billion to $217 billion) per year, according to industry estimates, counterfeit pharmaceuticals are the most lucrative sector of the global trade in illegally copied goods. Yet a new survey by Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business, finds that pharmaceutical executives generally aren’t inclined to spend more to fight fakes, despite their awareness that current measures don’t go far enough. For more click here
Tender Alert
Address : Via Salaria 691, 00138 Roma
Tel : +39-+390685082529
Fax : +39-+390685082517
Country : Italy
Tender Notice No: 213826-2017
Description: Prior information notice without call for competition: Special-purpose machine tools
Short description of nature and quantity or value of supplies or services:
The Polygraph Institute and State Mint intends to implement a tracking system and reporting to the Reel paper sheets through the entire production cycle, tracing individual logical sheets from the entrance in printing machines up to the exit of the finished product and where possible, of waste destined for destruction. For this purpose each logical sheet (lap machine) will be individually numbered and the outcome for each sheet in each of the processing stages will be stored in a database interrogated and fed from each of the work centers present in the processing of products from a reel cycle . The objectives to be pursued are the following: 1) implement a traceability system coils which allows an accurate and objective reporting values of the paper along the various stages of processing; 2) use an integrated system on board existing machines for the primary production (release) and secondary (numbering and cutting); 3) to print with the offset plate only DATAMATRIX code 7x7 or 8x8, which will contain a fixed number; 4) historicize the data for each individual transaction and make them available in a single database for any queries. Everything must be managed by a control system, including all interfaces and integrations (mechanical, electronic, computer).
This contract is divided into lots: no
Scheduled date for start of award procedures and duration of the contract: 29.9.2017
Deadline: 03 Jun 2018
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