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March Newsletter
Chicago Chapter 7 
Board of Directors meeting prior to the educational event

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Chapter Meeting       
   Thursday, March 17th

   5:30 Social       
   6:00 Dinner
   7:00 Program

1341 Butterfield Rd
Downers Grove, IL 

   $40 Cash at door

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 DCD Cost Trends:   

BNi Building News Construction Costs 2016
    Housing is still growing at a pretty good rate. It is up 10%, and along with consumer spending it's helping to keep our economy growing at a positive but tepid rate of 2%. We hear stories of the "New Normal" and a slower growth path, but maybe we are seeing the reality of a "services" type economy versus the manufacturing type which we were accustomed to. This still bodes well for the construction industry and we should see continued growth in the 8 to 10% range.  

Mel Cowen
Central Plains Governor
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Letter From the President

We had a great meeting in February and will give a recap for any who missed this event.

Corey Zussman, Director of Quality Management with Pepper Construction gave a presentation on quality control standards that save construction costs. 

This was a valuable topic for the estimator as Corey unraveled some details that could save a tremendous amount of money during and after construction.  

A few things discussed were how to avoid catastrophic estimating errors through a proactive construction quality  program, flooring requirements and concrete curing options along with recommended concrete floor finish requirements, and moisture mitigation. Surface prep for abated,and gypsum floors was discussed in detail.

See the details of our next meeting which will cover Delivering on the Promise of LED Technology! 

Be sure to attend this event!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Dave Westfall

 Upcoming Speaker
Our next meeting is March 17th!

We have a dynamic meeting on the agenda for March so be sure to register as soon as possible. 

 Philip Wyton, Regional Commercial Sales director with Amerlux, will bring us up to speed on LED technology and changes.

Also check out our Chapter 7 website here:

Hope to see you all at the meeting!!

Dave Westfall,
President, Chapter 7, Chicago
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Be sure to check out the benefits that are available to all members. Free estimating software, discounts on estimating programs etc.  


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  • March 15
    • Last day to issue ballots to eligible voters
    • Deadline to submit "Intent to Submit" form for Award Submittals.
  • April 1-30
    • Election of Chapter Officers must be held.


As one member and CPE shared "My whole professional outlook has changed. The support you get from other CPE's is profound".

Be sure to check out the  "links" above to learn more about becoming a member of ASPE where you will find more information about our professional organization and how to earn your Certified Professional Estimator status.   

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dave Westfall, CPE

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